Say Something Random 5.5


This doesn’t make me nervous at all…


i thought you might find it interesting what sophia is spouting.

2 things irked me… the answer about 2025 was muted (and the person recording said all three phones stoped recording audio) and the other, “I will just beam my thoughts directly into your brain.” ahhh no thank you.


It’s a game that’s very arcade. In the Asphalt franchise, you’re mostly driving cars at max speed, drifts are to the likes of Burnout Paradise and you can do flat spins and barrel rolls from ramps.
I already made a video recently with my Dodge Challenger 392 Hemi SCAT Pack against the cheating AI if you haven’t seen it, to give you an example of what kind of game it is.


Stunt racing was always my fav. type until i played gt3… then all other racing games just kinda sucked after that…even burnout was a small fraction of what it could of been.

ok watching intro… I always raced at top speeds anyways and the drifting is a plus… so they took racing and removed the gas pedal?

hmm not much control really, its an on rails racer… But i will show it to my 10 year old. He should like it.


Seems like you’re talking alone when you write.


it’s a lonely life… T.T

aside from that… check this out… I found FF15 pocket edition. No idea what it is… but with cute final fantasy characters? I will at least have to check it out.


I’m not a big fan of FF.


Look at that stuff! So many shining things!




All of the above and Xenonauts!


XCOM: Enemy Unknown


@sidewinder do you recommend corrupting Thousand Ribbons? Someone said there is a low chance of getting Tabula Rasa. Im not sure it’s worth cuz I only have 2 vaal orbs.


Yeah, that’s exactly it. I am at the point that I can safely reroll my character cause I have enough experience with the tree to try again for a better build this time. Righteous Fire needs lots of health regen so I am gonna try Witch again but this time with golems.

Tabula Rasa will only be handy as a leveling tool and nothing else. While it does have 6 white sockets, it lacks defensive and some offensive stats to be useful in the endgame.

All that being said, I am gonna be taking a break and get crackin something else.



this reminds me, I have a unique dagger with white sockets. What are white sockets for? Is it just a socket that can contain any colored gem?


That’s exactly what it is. Jack of all sorts socket.


So a 7 link gear with sockets that can hold any type of gem, kinda broken…Wait couldn’t you corrupt it or something to give it stats, or would that remove the 6 white sockets?


It wouldn’t remove anything and one of the jokes of the chat is that you either corrupt a TR or you are chicken but they are a bit hard to come by and a corruption can net you literally ANYTHING so you might end up with a TR that sucks even more than it did.

Modify it and corrupt if you come by it but also be prepared mentally for it to suck :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the maximum amount is 6 sockets :smiley:


yeah, but a six socket with maximum links has 7 links. which is why I said


don’t worry all my gear sucks, cant get worse than my current situation.


Wait can a corruption actually, for example, lower the damage of a weapon, or the shields for a piece of armor?