Say Something Random 5.5


@Dovahkick I would join but I don’t own the game.



I 100% forgot Stargate Atlantis existed


He also part timed as a Dothraki King in between for some experience for his King of Atlantis gig lol


How dare you


The game is free to play. I play it on Windows.


I can guarantee my computer can’t run it. I have a crappy laptop.

@TrickshotMcgee Atlantis was awesome! My favorite Stargate.


Yeah, you’re a console pleb.

Seems you’re a pleb who also has wrong opinions.


What I remember about Atlantis was alright. But I like the first movie and SG-1 the best. Atlantis got really complex at one point. I think I remember them completely leaving Atlantis and being on a ship in space. And it didn’t have Teal’c, but Amanda(Was that her name?) came back.


Then try before complaining, because it’s supposed to be a phone game as well.


Huh? I wasn’t complaining. Just stating a fact.


Atlantis did get weird but I liked the characters. Ronan and Rodney being my favorites. The original movie was good too but I didn’t like SG1.


Is that from XCOM?




I hate the bosses that transform into some godlike form after they are killed ahem Dominus, ahem Avarius.

I literally don’t know how many times I died in the avarius fight. I got so pissed that I would just walk in front of his attacks and just spam attack him. I literally feel like quitting PoE for a while just because of Avaraius. Plus, you know what I got for fucking with him for an 1+? Crap rare gear.


I was a good 4 days into the game, but had to start over


@Dovahkick, I sent a request.


I saw it, are you named Driver 7152?

Edit: Nevermind, it changed as I accepted your invite.


Yeah it’s me.




What game again, and my one qualifier… is it as good as gran turismo 3?

asphalt 9? free car game… i will try it… (like i said though, my bar was set with GT3 and hasnt been topped yet.