Say Something Random 5.5


Oh monthy… I mean, you could’ve pretended like you regretted it by not spamming the dance :’>

Poor Kata.

btw, evelynn is hawt

Moment I get a day off on the next day, I end up staying up late . _ .

Then end up sleeping through half my day off ; __ ;



Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game; I just don’t feel like it’s a good Doom game. To me, Doom is about fast paced run-and-gun gameplay, not a horror-ish game. I shouldn’t be scared of the demons, they should be scared of me xD


This is so true…and I’m that dumb Opossom.


God Malachai is such an awful boss fight. They stretch it out in a way that is SOOO boring. Figuring he is like the big baddy emperor who has literally ascended to godhood, the boss fight is so dull. I had more fun killing Brutus than this guy. At least Brutus had some nice attacks. In fact, I cared more about Piety dying in the boss fight than killing Malachai.

He literally is just a tanky boss with no abilities that actually make you scared, and the process of killing him is so repetitive. It’s literally, damage 1/3 of his health, break the organ, do it again, kill some zombies, damage 1/3 of his health, break the organ. WTF so boring.


@sidewinder, do you have any mid game tips for PoE?


I have to agree here. While it was a decent pre-Dead Space sci-fi horror, it could have had an entirely different game franchise and nobody would tie it to DOOM.


I am currently at the midgame myself because I only get to play during the weekends. Nothing to add to what I have already said apart from trying to do the labyrinth only when you are overleveled. I am currently at the 2nd tier of it and Izaro is giving me a hard time, even if I am 10 levels higher than what the game suggests.

Be careful about dying. It costs you xp and I only found out about it the day before yesterday.


I bought the game to try out mods, but no joy


@TinyPickles318, you asked to be in a club in A9, right?


It always annoys me in movies when the protagonist with a pistol snipes dudes with rifles from like 100+m away


The dude has plot piercing bullets. With plot homing technology.


It just annoys me how the protagonist will have god like accuracy at all ranges with his pistol while the bad guys can’t hit a target at 10 feet with a full auto rifle or SMG

Especially when 9/10 it’s an elite group of mercs


That is pretty annoying.


Because they’re vietnameses from Rambo. Get it?



Very relevant.


Yeah. I did.


What is the labyrinth.

Is it like a dungeon that you unlock after doing the trials of ascendency?


Well, I still have no notification of anyone messaging me.
So I repeat, the club’s ID is #d8d5 and my ID is 7c0dc.