Say Something Random 5.5


just noticed this


Damn the connection issues in PoE are so annoying. Literally every day I play, I will experience 4-5 disconnections, and im playing right next to my router. The lag is also insane. Sometimes the game will freeze for a minute or two before things start back up again. Usually I don’t have a problem with this, but it costing me valuable gear now.


Then send me your player ID so I can be sure that it’s you.


I forget it. I’ll check tmrw.


@Dovahkick how do you have a lvl 6 garage you got the game like 4 days ago.

Also, I think you should set the club to a public one. Because literally no one else here except you and me play this game, so it wouldn’t make sense if no one is gonna join (don’t take this the wrong way). You should try to fill up the club so you can reap the rewards later. When you have a decent amount of people, make it private (not sure if you can do that, but try).


What game is this…?


Meant to post that somewhere else.


My garage level? Yes, like in the picture I showed above.
I set it as limited because I don’t want random people to join it. You can either send me a message or I can send it to you instead.
My ID is 7c0dc and the club’s ID is #d8d5


Doom 3: BFG Edition



you know what pisses me off? When we did animation like that in school, we were berated because it was not full on movie animation quality and the animation techniques are scrub level… but those are the types that appeal to people. (anyways, there you go… the Art Institute berates people for this type of animation) it makes me wonder how many other students films were squashed by opinion from the teachers…


I am an asshole.


Ah, the worst Doom. It’s been a while, I must say. Replaying them all because of the Doom Eternal hype?


I was playing that Doom 3: BFG Edition long before that Doom Eternal was announced


Ah, I see. Figured since it was announced, but oh well


grrrrr ROAR grumble grumble.


It’s not so bad. I liked the cube.


Yesterday, I grinded the multiplayer, and it was worth it.

I’m gonna win that Ford Shelby GT350R!



FINALLY! Got an A class vehicle, and it’s the Vulcan!