Say Something Random 5.5


The Kara character is based on her voice actress, all characters from that game are.
Yet the in-game kara looks more like Jeniffer.

Like said above the voice actress for kara doesn’t look like her in game, as much as Jeniffer does, so it seems odd, and almost unnerving to see that.
I wonder if she knows, i wonder if they knew.


Maybe they are long lost twins and they have been stealing each others work for years without knowing. 0.o



That old guy on the selection screen looks like the old guy in L4D


Winegums are superior in every way to jujubes don’t @ me


That’s because it is, in fact, Bill from L4D. Check out this video which takes place after “The Sacrifice” when Bill dies in order to save his friends…they continued his saga by making him not dead.

I think they did him justice.


Is that before or after the hair color change :???


After, she just changed it in that scene.


That is really kewl.



Alright, since there wasn’t enough people who voted for the poll I made about the club I wanted to make in Asphalt 9, I decided to do it myself.

Name: Street Monsters

Purpose: We, from the community of TRS, shall rise and “Evolve”

Place: International

Access: Limited (which means you need my permission to join it)

If you have Asphalt 9: Legends on Windows and want to join me (I’m not forcing you) you can search in the research tab from the club menu.
Also, by playing races in this club, you increase its reputation, allowing you to win credits, tokens, gear pieces and most important of all, blueprints! So give it a try, it costs nothing to be part of a club and you get stuff for free!

I also noticed that “Street Monsters” fits perfectly for the club, as if it was a name with a double meaning.
Because it’s inspired from Evolve and because the cars have “a monster under their hood”.


Never really thought of it this way also not really accurate but still funny.


That reminds me of this


Inv me. I want free stuff. All my cars are shit lol.


Git gud scurb 



I challenge you to a duel


TFW you blow 8 chromatic gems for the perfect righteous fire socket pattern but you fail miserably.


Pistols at dawn be there or be square



brings an lmg