Say Something Random 5.5





1 blueprint left for this Jaguar!


Anyway, I made a slaughter video with the AI.

The AI in Asphalt 9: Legends is programmed to be much faster than you when you don’t meet the required rank for your car, it was my case but I managed to get the 1st place anyway.


@Dovahkick I got Asphalt 9 Legends because well I felt like it cuz you told me about it and it is a car game. Lol anyway, I’ll join your club if you made one. I’m pretty bad. I use the driver assist feature.


The AI is still garbage anyway. I was like 70 points lower than the recommended, and I still won.


Righteous fire is what I am going for atm, I need loads of life regen and I might be in an advantageous position in the tree to go for life leech.


Happy Cake Day, Sdubbs!


Oh thanks ! Just noticed the icon :smiley:


Happy cake day @sidewinder! Just noticed the icon on your name, so why not celebrate it for you?


I usually have under 150-200, and the AI can be a real pain on short tracks, there’s only three who will always be faster than the others. Some use slow cars but still manage to get a higher top speed than yours.
Anyway, I currently have over 1 200 000 credits and I haven’t spent a single euro on the game.


Yes. That is what I went for. For marauder I have the arsonist branch as well as life leech.


Do you use the touch drive thing? Like the auto drive feature.


No, I don’t. I deactivated it right after the tutorial.


What device do you use?


Windows, but I haven’t made any group because my poll gave too little interrest, only you and Axillia had voted and it did not feel enough.


@sidewinder, do you recommend hoarding gear. I’m used to just stocking up on weapons in destiny for later characters. Do you think it’s a good idea in a game like this? I feel like it might be wrong cuz you literally get rare gear every 5 minutes.

However, I want to ask someone with real experience.


Kara from Detroit:BH is jennifer lawrance from 2013.



They modeled her look from pictures?


What do you mean how?


I was looking up Perfect world and…

… this is that game that had art ads everywhere and I was scared to download it because the title look like bait scamware…