Say Something Random 5.5


Is bapped.


Killed Piety about an hour ago. That woman is a biotch. Plus I got nothing. I got a retardedly inferior rare mace and all magic stuff. I’m pissed.

@sidewinder, what is your highest level character?

Mine is 33 I think.


Hey I voted.


60 something, I believe.

Don’t EVER expect something good to drop from bosses, that’s what I’ve learned.

I wanna share something of an epiphany regarding to this thing.

I am still not on board with how the Titans look, especially Starfire. I actually thought it had to do with the choice of actress and skin color. I thought to myself if that makes me racist or not. Food for thought and stuff.

Until I saw a vid on the matter. Not particularly eye opening but one that had a photo of the actress playing Starfire, Anna Diop.

This is how she looks like on the show.


This is how she looks in real life.

I mean . . . wow. I don’t know who was responsible for her looks, but they took an exceptionally beautiful actress and made her look like she walked drunk out of a garbage chute. I then saw pictures of african american cosplayers that really knocked the Starfire design out of the park and even amateur pictures of her with filters on.

The design department really dropped the ball on this one.


Then what do I get good loot from? Lol.


Play the game. Mobs are better, strongboxes are better, rerolling your own gear with orbs of alchemy is better.


Lol what is an orb of alchemy again?


TBH all the characters in the first picture (Beast boy, Raven???, and Starfire) look ugly.



They did go saying looks were not final… but yeah, its horrid… aint gotta lie about that…

It’s like teens did the dye jobs… ohhhh maybe thats what they wanted

i mean honestly, such cheap wigs/dye jobs. eewwww


Yeah… I’m not pleased.


Robin - Alright, he looks badass and scenes were alright.
Raven - 2007 rawr xd im depresso goth gf.
Beast-boy - Picked a bad actor for playing someone that should be wild yet he looks like young hanzo with green hair.
Starfire - completly fucked. worst design, changed her powers, shitty outfit. Looks like Nicky Minaj.
Cyborg - Where my boi at.


Political correctness and SJW’s are to blame


Fuck. I just made myself sad.

Any body wanna cheer me up?




God what kind of fucking boss fight is Dominus? The “blood rain” bleeding effect is fucking op. I had no idea how to get rid of it lol. I died so many times to it.

After the fight, there was so much loot I had to use like 10 portal scrolls in order to transfer all of it to my vault lol.


Enough with this nonsense, it’s really tiring.

It looks like bad costume design and direction, nothing more.


WOW Octopath Traveler is over 1 Million sold.


I was tired of getting my ass handed to me in the areas around Highgate, so I made a witch. I got a summon zombie skill gem, and I’ve been having fun with it. Really makes me feel like an all powerful sorceress. Of course I look like a drunk hoe from a dumpster but I saved up some sorceress-y armor for later on. It requires level 31 tho :expressionless:.

Anyway…the zombies are kinda op tbh. They oneshot most targets and I got this support gem that summons more minions when a minion gets a kill…and you get my idea-infinite minions!!! laughs evilly inside. But what I really want is to get some of the Vaal gems I have onto my witch, because I have some duplicates. For example, if I can get stuff like blight, the storm-whatda-ya-call it, and righteous fire, which are all spells, imagine what I could do with bonus spell damage. I would be unstoppable! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!