Say Something Random 5.5


My attempt to win the forums likes today.


Woo there’s gonna be a second season of Altered Carbon and the new MC is gonna be Anthony Mackie


There shall be no more booping.

Unleashes the omni-boop




Not much time before they update my ninja waifu on the servers >~<


The game infects and mines your PC for cryptocurrency after it gets installed.


For the first time, maybe ever but for sure in this site, I am gonna quote myself.


You can almost hear Jim Sterling’s disappointed sigh…


Path of exile is so fun.


They should have just stuck with greenlight


What’s your progress so far ?


@Rapterror ok… Ok… this sounds really gross (but i guess its kinda like beef stroganauff )

Anyways, in this video, This guy is making noodles for ravioli and buns… so two great recipes in one video… I am showing you this because even though we have gone over breads… the Noodles are the real charm here in this video. (watch his technique) for full video
or cut to the pasta dough

**warning the premise of this food item he is making is from American Dad and it looks gross’


Remember when Lego Sculptures were put together by hand?

speaking of which, wasn’t there a Goliath Lego Sculpture at one point? @skills4u2envy



I recently discovered Asphalt 9 Legends and I think I want to make a club. If some of you play this game on Windows, then it’s your luck to decide the name of the club I’d like to create. Or maybe one of you already made a club, then I’ll join it.

But first off, I want to know what kind of name you’d like for this club if no one has a club yet.

  • With TRS in the title
  • With Evolve in the title
  • With “TRS’ Community” in the title
  • With “Evolve Community” in the title
  • A name unrelated to Evolve
  • A name unrelated to TRS
  • A name unrelated to both Evolve and TRS
  • A serious name
  • A funny name (toxic or immature ones are not tolerated)

0 voters

When I’ll get enough votes (to a max of 30) I’ll ask people what name they’d like to see, then I’ll make another poll to see who prefers which name. Remember that there’s a limit to the size of the name and only allows 16 letters and numbers.


Well if you choose to have “Evolve Community” in your club name, Im guessing that’s the only thing your gonna be able to type. That is 15 letters already.


I just have to shorten the “Community” word and replace it by “C.”.


“Evolve C”? C could mean a lot of things


Or just “Com.”…


This is a link to my character:
My character

Also a quick question, I got a Vaal Orb, which ya know corrupts an item or whatever. If you’ve already taken a look at my character, can you tell me if you think it is worth spending that Vaal Orb?

Another question: For the marauder class, should I build armor/health/health regen or weapon damage. Because you can see at first that I veer off into the weapon damage stuff, then after you told me to spend points on health/armor I did that. Is it good to do both? Because I figure he’s like a barbarian type of class with high defense and some decently high damage, right?


Sure I guess.