Say Something Random 5.5


I’m unfamiliar with this image.


You would be, it’s from My Little Pony. :smiley:


This sleight of hand is amazing…


He’s a wizard.



Bad memories…


I wanna cuddle this fuzzy murder beast


Almost an owl bear!


Owlbears wish they were that fluffy



My pet project, meet my new babbies
They will look like this on transformation


man I wanna see this just for the Henry Cavill bathroom fight scene


This one does look pretty cool. I liked the last one as well


I started watching Bojack Horseman…pretty good so far but only a couple episodes in.


It starts out simple enough but this show is an onion. It has layers.


Like an ogre


Exactly! Just like an ogre.


It’s rather annoying playing Total War Warhammer 2 when even with an attitude of -480+ they still want peace treaties…

like honestly fuck off Ima wipe you out and ur gonna die stop tryin to friend me


My tiddie hurt. But all is well.


Glad things went well! It shall heal. :slight_smile:


When I go to sleep I like to look at the stars. This one star in particular I’ve watched change many times. A couple nights ago I saw it flash brightly, completely disappear, then reappear. I wonder if it was a bizarre interstellar eclipse? Or perhaps a wandering black hole had, at some point long ago before the light of that star reached my eyes on Earth, passed by?

Space is so cool.