Say Something Random 5.5


@SledgePainter Bears post above about TSA pretty much sums it up.


this is about as rich as my taste gets.

I do wish I could get a custom pair made though. I have really wide feet, so boots are always a pain to break in.


If you ever get crazy go to Whites. They custom make all their pairs.

On the Gripfast, its nice that they appear to be screw construction which means you can resole them instead of having to shill out the cash for an all new pair but for the price that stitching in the model pic looks a little shoddy around the welt. Interesting they would use that as the model picture. I would assume they would want to put the best one they had as the image.

Similar price point would be Redwing and they have some wide sizes. This one is 340 (a little bit higher but I just this company greatly)

I don’t think this one is steel toe but I believe you can get it as an option.

I own this pair specifically and while its more fashion oriented (Its the heritage line, based on old school work boots from the early 1900s) Its still super durable and makes a decent work boot for farm work and what not.



My ears! They bleed!



I feel like you would be interested in this, which I saw while browsing Facebook.


Alright I found my calling in life. Ima catch a batsquatch


@me whenever i relise i haven’t payed my bills and internet can be cut off anytime now


I ordered chinese food. I was not expecting it to arrive so fast. This place usually takes like 40 minutes but it arrived in 20 today o.o

Also sidenote I have an alarm cat. If someones at the door she hides at my feet.


I’ve never in my life heard of the Oklahoma Octopus. South east Oklahoma has lots of big foot though.

Apparently lives in Tenkiller lake. Which is even stranger that I’ve never heard of it. I’ve lived next to tenkiller growing up and swam there often.


You repressed the memory after it almost killed you.


Dont get into any games until you do Axi!! D:
I do wonder if Axi will be unfortunate enough to have it taken away for too long . . .

Hang in there if it does cut out >…<"

happy cake day as well :>
~gets ready to take a slice~


I shall miss you my small furry friend.


Thank you so much for the White’s recommendation. I wear Gripfast for style only. But If I ever have that much extra cash, a good pair of work boots would be much appreciated.


I wouldn’t mind a pair myself. I have friends who do road construction and work for the city that swear by them and some pairs look pretty nice too.



I payed them when i posted that, youre not getting away from me this soon.
A dab


Skinwalkers and Wendigos are my favorite stories to hear about

Art Credits: Shika


I also had Chinese for dinner last night and they were faster than normal o.o

I ate the leftovers for lunch today lol


Someone say Windigo?