Say Something Random 5.5


This game is super fun…reminds me of the old Evolve Hunter’s Quest! It’s match-3 style but quirky and without a time limit, and can make diagonal matches and such.


IOS and Android game…Free to play.


For some reason after reading Matthew’s unused lore topic, I’ve been having ideas about a game where you play as a monster. Singleplayer game where you play as a variety of large monsters.
Vibes of those games where you play as the Xenomorph.


There really aren’t enough good monster games out there. Makes me sad.


Is this not normal? This is the only way I’ve ever gone through security. I mean I know it sucks, but I just assumed everyone flies like this.

edit: post 9/11 of course. I know security was more lax then.


Even I a 20 something clean shaven white male with short hair got sent through the fully body scanner and patted down lol. I couldn’t stop giggling


Feels relevant


I couldn’t care less about what EA’s done in the past. As long as they keep the mechanics of everything they’ve shown off at E3. I’m buying it


From what I’ve heard I really like the sound of the game. Not a fan of random rolls but what can ya do. Also purchasable cosmetics but supposedly no lootboxes.


Two very different flight experiences though…going and coming back. My leaving for Texas was basically pre-9-11 security during the peak travel time…while coming back it was a far cry from peak travel time but security was tight-fisted. I’ve never been separated from my husband to go through a security checkpoint…and I hadn’t even heard of that aside from when TSA separated some children from parents due to them being in wheelchairs or having casts etc. for additional screenings away from parents.

This difference in security procedures I went through clearly shows me it’s all just a big charade like @BearStream’s post of Adam Ruins Everything. It’s all a big sham and people are so lackadaisical-dumb they think somehow this is helping to keep them all warm and cozy safe and we NEED to have these embarrassing procedures.

The larger picture is it shows the government that we the people are willing to cow-tow to additional security or freedoms being revoked in order to feel safer even when it’s not making us safer. This can be abused by people in power positions over us if we are not careful in how we give up our freedoms for security.


I want these boots. They are lined with vicuna. Vicuna!


Good god that price! I thought mine were expensive at 200.


Dude…why so much?


Because vicuna…

@Hillbilly_Deathlord my most expensive boot is 550. It was hand made though.


…those shoes are worth more than my entire PC setup would sell for…


But is Vicuna that rare? I know people raise them domestically. I eat Bison, and it’s not easy to come by…but there are a few domestic raisers and the price is not that far a cry from average beef…those boosts are insane compared to say an expensive brand of boot. There must be another reason for the cost on top of Vicuna?


I haven’t ever seen cheap vicuna anything. Most sweaters made of it run into the thousands.

The price is most likely to pay the shoe maker. Take Whites Boots for example. A lot less sophisticated, but hand made (they do boots for firefighters and hard labor jobs) that run up to 900 bucks.


Kinda makes me want to research raising Vicuna…heh, but hand made would be crazy expensive no matter what. I suppose it’s an art form like anything else and you get what you pay for.


Supposedly vicuna only make about .5 kilograms of harvested wool a year. Imagine how many it would take to make one piece of clothing.

I got to touch it once. It was a scarf. It felt like heaven.


They look so adorable and soft.


I placed 6th in Fortnite.


that is all.