Say Something Random 5.5


The oil and cheese of the pizza should be enough to cover the spice though.

Its the fat that works against it.


Yeah, my current ‘build’ isn’t that bad.

That one with the bird’s eye chili, I just took the entire box of them and went full

trust me, I wouldn’t give a slice of that pizza to my worst enemies


I’d eat it. I eat ghost chilis by themselves. :slight_smile:


Almost identical treatment with me last year when I flew into Laguardia airport. First on the way out from DIA to the one in New York.

Sensors went off and everything… nothing of course but when I glanced at the board they highlighted my should blades and I had to be “searched”


I kinda want to try and construct such a monstrosity again. See if it’s actually as bad as I remember it to be :thinking:


Bojack Horseman… that show is an emotional rollercoaster. Like wtf.


The ending of Darling in The FranXX…


Just heard about this show and been meaning to check it out.

@Kathryn_James they told my husband that sweat often makes sensors go off. shrug


(btw, this was the first time I actually went out as myself instead of stealth mode So it was one long train wreck of my trying to be discreet but not at all happeneing… (return trip? stuck in lobby for 6 hours before launch)

(Sweat? are you kidding me? they must not realize we know its a metal detector LOL plus I wasnt sweating.) With me I go to be a demonstration absurdity and many over zealous ways to call me out in the crowd (DIA) to all the other guest.

The same thing happened on the way back from NY… Then I went on the same trip 1 month later and I was wearing the exact same thing (not sweating again) and not a single alarm went off. Personally I think they have buttons or something to throw false positives.


I think the entire system is set up to see just how many freedoms we are willing to give up in the name of security - that’s all. How many Amendments will be be willing to softly and quickly curtail just because we have places to be and don’t want to cause a stir in the line? I know people who accidentally brought pocket knives on the planes attached to their keys and they didn’t get flagged or anything. It’s all a really sad joke.


Yeah the American Public gave away the most basic stuff with the Freedom Act… ugh… oh well, we better stop before we get all political … lol


Let us hope the other countries learn from our…indiscretions.


Its an amazing show about living with depression and and anxiety that hits way too close to home even though its a literal horse man living as a washed up actor in Hollywood.

Its a comedy and thats how it reeks you in. Each season gets darker though. I legit cried on two separate episodes of season 4 last night.


I am unsure if this would be good for me to watch or not…but I am intrigued.


I was always told I should be a voice actor, but never knew how lol… this is a fantastic reel from the voice actors of DBZ Battle of the Gods.


I think you should at least give it a try. I can’t really say anything about the show without giving too much away.

Its an emotional rollercoaster though. They can turn a hilarious joke into something mind bogglingly sad then right nack to funny again.



Anyone else excited for Anthem?


I am cautiously excited, yes. If it is non-linear, it’s a definite buy. If not, I’ll have to think about it.


I wouldn’t say it’s a definite buy for me but i’m looking forward to it.