Say Something Random 5.5


I used to hate pineapple on pizza, and just pineapple in general. I’ve come around to it, but I’d never go out of my way to order it. Like if I’m at a friend’s house and they want it, fine, I’ll have a slice, but I don’t get it personally.

Thicc, thin, deep dish…etc they all have they’re place.

BBQ pizza is for the birds though.

EDIT: more importantly, what’s everyone’s favorite toppings?

I like a plain pepperoni, but if I’m feeling saucy, I get chicken, spinach, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, extra cheese(bell peppers optional).


Favorite topping is usually Italian sausage on a Supreme/combination pizza.

The spicy meat goes very well with peppers, onions, and loads of cheese. Easily top tier for me.


I just like cheese but I’m okay with pepperoni as well. I don’t like a bunch of toppings on my pizza so I usually just pick one which is almost always pepperoni.


All your pizza are belong to us.


r00d… i love bbq chicken pizza… it’s my favorite =.=

Wait… are we bringing back my magpie villain thing then? 'Cause I’m down. I’ve still got the costume drawing on my pc lmao


Thin crust pizza is actually pretty good.


Its pretty good man. You should try it.maybe grab a slice at a buffet so its not a waste if you don’t like it.


I hate pepperoni. My favorite pizza is called the Dominiquer from Sam n’ Ellas Chicken Pizza Emporium.

Say the name out loud for full effect of its humor.

Its a white sauce pizza with spinach, olives, roasted chicken, a mountain of mozzarella and fresh tomatoes added after cooking. Its different but amazing.


Bacon ham pineapple.


It also seems to have allowed me to download Legacy, even though I never bought Evolve on PC, just got Stage 2 well after the contract ended.


PSA. On June the 29th, Steve Ditko passed away. For those not in the know, he was Spiderman’s and Doctor Strange’s co-creator. He also created the Question (who served as an inspiration for Rorschach) .

The overall tragedy of the passing is made even worse when you consider that he was found in his apartment, two days after he passed away. Loneliness and the whole ‘I bring my art to the world, not my personality’ , which might be connected to his objectivism beliefs, led to him dying alone in the end.

Really didn’t want to see him go this way.



pulls up local pizza shop where I always order my own monstrosity

Let’s see:

  • Extra tomato sauce
  • Tandoori chicken
  • Ham
  • Spanish pepper
  • mozzarella, cheddar and dutch cheese
  • buffalo hot sauce
  • double parsley, garlic powder and oregano
  • Molten Parmesan on the crust

All on a thick dough layer, 30cm in diameter


Hurts my stomach just thinking about all that sitting down there. Sound super delish though.


Oh it’s really tasty. But yeah, I always make sure to have milk ready as well, just in case I’m a bit overzealous with my bites :joy:




milk with pizza? jeez. I’m a fan of dairy, but that’s a little much. Not a fan of sodee pop? I hear beer is good with pizza, but I don’t drink, so I can’t confirm.


Oh, no, not in that way. It’s just, dairy helps against the burn of peppers. In the case I am a bit too quick with my bites/the peppers were more spicy than usual, I have some milk at hand to put out the fire.

Trust me, it’s not a regular thing. I like spicy food, and I like the burn, but after making your own pizza that you coated in bird’s eye chili peppers because you were young, dumb, and believed 'small pepper=less spicy, you are extra careful with it :stuck_out_tongue:


People need to think that the professional monster players are not responsible of Evolve’s server shutdown. I met a guy who checked my profile and commented about my playtime on Evolve (I played 1800 hours), I responded back that I play Evolve since 2015 and he said “fuck you”, just like that. And when we got in the game, he kept complaining all the time, saying that the pro players are the ones who “killed” the game, that his team is bad, etc…and now he dodge me.

Toxic people…sigh, they never learn.
Anyway, I blocked him, I don’t want to see him commenting on my profile.


Sledge VS The TSA:

So, heading out to Texas in the morning, we went through airport security with relative ease, despite my qualms about it. The TSA is one reason why I prefer not to fly. But…we didn’t have to remove clothing, or have to open our laptops and such. Just pass two bomb-sniffing dogs and throw our carry-ons into a bin for X-Ray…done. I was amazed! It all happened at the speed of a standard walk through.

Heading back to Chicago from Texas, however, was an entirely different story. And mind you we flew on one of the last flights of the night so it wasn’t crowded or anything in the airport terminals. They took my husband and separated him from me, forcing us to go through different security points - I was shocked. They made us remove our shoes and our belts. They made us remove every electronic device to put into its own bin which required everyone to use multiple bins that filled the conveyors completely. And of course I had to go through what I hated most…the body scanners. In fact, I had to be run through twice and then have a pat-down also when that was no good enough. They asked if I identified with a female…and you guys don’t have any idea how difficult for me it was to not say I identified as a pissed-off American Patriot familiar with my Constitutional rights…like I was reeling in my tongue, know what I mean?

So they scan me twice and on the scanner it shows I have warnings areas so they need to get touchy feely. Turned out I left my plane ticket and wallet in my pocket and this was a no-no as well. Sorry, I must have forgotten it in the mad rush to remove my non-metal, clearly fabric belt and get all of my electronics out onto the conveyor into separate bins, taking up the entire thing. …Ever forget something? Happened to me…so I left my wallet in my pocket, oh no.

So they take my wallet and plane ticket and say they have to run these through the X-Ray. They are satisfied I am not carrying anything else with the pat down but I got a sense they may have wanted to take me into a private room but the crowd behind me may have swayed them otherwise…I don’t know. It was at this point they had asked me about my female-ness…

Anyway so they take my credentials while I try to get my belt back into the loops of my slipping-down shorts since they are too big for me (I don’t own many shorts and these were from when I was a tad bit larger) and get my shoes back on and my stuff re-packed from the conveyors. My laptop, my 3DS, my Phone, my IPad. They hung onto my ID for the longest time…I swear just because they wanted to piss me off more…two other people got through security in the meantime with all of their stuff without any problems at all or sensors indicting areas on their bodies being “problems.” Finally one of the guys comes up to me and with the snarkiest attitude ever hands me my wallet and plane ticket and says, “You gonna need these?” Not even in a joking manner or a smile.

So after all this I make it out and look for my husband…my husband hasn’t exited from security either from where he is. He is still being gone over too, especially his shoes. This is nothing new for him. He wears an American size 15 1/2 which is a custom shoe for all intents and purposes…since he has to order them on-line. People don’t believe his feet are that big. They ran his shoes separate of everything else and not even inside a bin.

The whole experience was just as demeaning as I imagined it could me. You really do feel just like cattle, especially being removed from your spouse. If our son had been with us and they made him go to a different location I would have legit lost it. It was everything I had in me not to say something as it was…but I knew if I did we would be prevented from getting on our plane at all, trust me I know. Once my tongue is loosed, forget it.

People just accept this treatment, man…