Say Something Random 5.5


He is talking to ignorant children (of the mind).

Most fashion is designed by males.

Watch out for troll babies


To he fair, original feminism is more like egalitarianism. Modern “feminism” is a lot more harsh because of popular media influencing it and making so many people toxic about it.



Steam had over 1,000 people playing Evolve today. Apparently the game has been removed from the Steam store and it appears back into the libraries of folks who owned it…except we’re getting reports of it showing up in people’s lists who never played it before and also in their favorites lists. Some people came to the Steam forum upset at this “underhanded” practice…only to find out that the server plugs will be pulled in September. Likewise, people have started to play the game that didn’t before and love it, and are appalled it’s going to be shut down when they just discovered it.

…now getting some folks unable to install.


Ugh I hate thin crust pizzas…


What kind of heathen are you?


One that delights in thick fluffy doughy pizzas


So the worst kind. I see.


I am unrepentant


Thicc crust is best crust. Nice chewy, thicc.


You’re wrong, but I can appreciate the enthusiasm.


I personally like the crust that best matches the pizza; thin for BBQ chicken and chicken bacon ranch, pan for meat lovers, thick for when I’ll give the crust to my doggos, deep dish when I want a lot of cheese, stuffed crust when I’m feeling like satan, garlic when I’m feeling an amount of Italian that I am not… and so on

The real war, though, will follow after this statement:

I like pineapple on my pizza.


Well, it was nice knowing you. Fun while it lasted.


Hawaiian pizza best pizza


You are now best frend.


And my list of friends is growing ever shorter.


I thought we were already best friends D=


That’s what you get for thinking.


Yeah brb I have to go grab a texas mickey of tequila so I can punish my brain


Attaboy. Just like me.