Say Something Random 5.5


I made scallops at home. But I don’t really know much about them less sear salt and serve…

I had two samples… It was pretty good, but I freaked out. Are scallops typically alive when you buy them?

If so, and say the sear didn’t fully kill one of them. Well I was sharing with my dog (she loves to be my taste tester) and as I was handing one to her, it felt like it moved between my finger grasp. I eek’ed out loud and dropped it on the floor and the dog was happy.

Question is, Yes seafood like oysters and muscles are alive when you get them, but are scallops as well?


Kraken looks so good, I never knew he was in a band.


So Todays Thought of the Dave, “What should be done about all the bodies left on Mt. Everest?”

I said “Leave them as munchies for the yettis”
another responded with the mighty FROWN ANGRY emoji on Facebook
So, in turn, I just added a reply to my original message with the following.

I know I can be brutal at times, but in all honesty mine is perfectly reasonable. (minus yetis and replace with wildlife)


Look at all the pictures I made in The Crew 2!


my scrolling finger is exhausted


Sweet fucking christ would you put those in a spoiler so it doesn’t murder our data?


I never knew about that…


Were they still in the shell?

Removing them from the shell and cleaning them should definitely kill them. If not the cooking did. Probably your imagination.


Oh, and I forgot to say, if you want to see them in a bigger scale, just open them in another tab.


Maybe it’s a zombie scallop…beware…your other food could come back to life and eat you too.


Got bored early last week, did a watercolor and when I got back to it i found out that the colors just didn’t pop the way I thought they would. The comp is correct but the lighter areas just dropped off at sharp rates.


I did the marker of spawn earlier in the year. I usually don’t show work that uses others I.P. but this was like 20 hours of my life.

Poster board about 30 inches tall.


Man put those pics in a hide details thjng

Like this

hidden pics

I hope they make more changes/nerfs/removal to the Dark Sight Boost in Hunt Showdown I was really enjoying the game up until it was introduced


After a long wait and forgetting my computer was logged into Evovle Stage 2, there was @ToiletWraith and I sure did not help… at all. T.T this was my first time that I can think of that I actually was eaten… smh sooo rusty


I posted my thoughts on a female fashion reddit about an article someone else posted.

Boy was that a mistake. Apparently I’m a man so I don’t get an opinion. People need to learn you can’t fight fire with fire (sexism with sexism) like that.

If we want equality shouldn’t we all have equal say?


Yes, but you can’t actually say that or you’re sexist.

None of it ever makes any sense.


Respond then that if men have no place in fashion forums, women should have no place in football stadiums.

You are not fighting sexism with sexism but idiocy with idiocy. It’s kind of fun, actually :stuck_out_tongue: Just don’t stare into the abyss for too long.


It’s a female fashion forum. It’s still wrong but it’s not like they said men can’t be interested in fashion


You mistake yourself…feminists say they want equality but they really want superiority.


Legitimate feminists want equality.
Feminazis/extremists want superiority.