Say Something Random 5.5


Last night, the Host of SpacedOutRadio was hit with Audio issues… I woke up this morning and made this.


That’s about right. For good headphones that’s average. For really good ones, that’s low end.

They aren’t cheap lol.


Nah, I’ll try and find a good mic and stick with trying to find some wireless earbuds. And also try and find a better monitor and pc and/or graphics card since mine is shit.


I’d recommend looking at Sennheisers

Microcenter and r/buildapcsales

Iirc prices are finally getting less stupid for graphics cards


Mmmmm goby.


I think because people are doing less bitcoin farming now.


I think it’s just getting cheaper to make them. And they’re lasting longer so people don’t need to buy as many


I have made the paint job from Asphalt Xtreme to The Crew 2, and I’m proud of it.


Just bought a NES classic I happened to find at a Walmart. Haven’t seen one in so long I had to get it before it left.
Now, how long until I mod in more games? (I also have the super famicon classic but I haven’t added anything to that)


Status report: fingers intact. Anthill… not so much.



Next time do the molten metal ant hill thingy

Worst case ontario you get to be a supervillain.


Another skin from Cataclysm! One!


I like this

I like this too.


It’s from Trailer Park Boys if you didn’t already know. It’s a Rickyism which is him fucking up normal sayings cause he’s stupid


Nice. I need to watch that show.




Bitcoin farming really spiked up prices insanely high. I liked when I saw GTX 1070s for $350 and not $700.


Really Cool Guest we have on tonight, the MEMORY EXPERT 4 times running now.
He will be on tonight talking about Surviving Mount Everest. This is one of those episodes I think many people might enjoy.

Tonight, July 5th #SpacedOutRadio 9PM PDT | 12AM EST
Guest : Nelson Dellis Joins Dave Scott to talk about ‘Surviving Everest’

only on

Nelson Dellis is a 4x USA #Memory Champion and one of the #leading memory #experts in the world, traveling around the world as a competitive Memory Athlete, Memory Consultant, Published #Author and highly sought-after Keynote Speaker. As a Memory Champion, #Mountaineer, and #Alzheimer’s #Disease #Activist, he preaches a lifestyle that combines fitness, both mental and physical, with proper diet and social involvement.

Born with an average memory, Nelson was #inspired by the passing of his grandmother from Alzheimer’s disease in 2009 to start training his memory so that he could keep his mind strong and healthy throughout his lifespan. In a short period of time, he transformed into one of the leading competitive memorizers in the world, claiming four U.S. titles along the way, the elite Grand master of Memory title, as well as a number of U.S. memory records for:

Memorizing the most names in 15 minutes - 217 names
Memorizing the most words in 15 minutes - 256 words
Memorizing the most digits in 30 minutes - 907 digits
Memorizing the most decks of playing cards in 30 minutes - 9.02 decks
(former record) Memorizing the most digits in 5 minutes - 339 digits
(former record) Memorizing a deck of cards in the fastest time - 40.65 seconds

Nelson is the Founder & CEO of Climb For Memory, a non-profit charity that aims to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s disease research through mountain climbs all around the world. Nelson has climbed numerous peaks around the world for this cause, including three times on Mt. Everest.

He is also the co-founder of the Memory League (memory training app) and co-founder/director of the Memory League Championships (formerly known as the Extreme Memory Tournament), the only digital-format, tournament-style, head-to-head style memory competition.