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“Free” games up for grabs if you have a twitch prime account

Also apparently you can get a free month of twitch prime and claim the games


Any recommendations for headphones?
I think I’ll be needing something wireless, and god the ones I have found are expensive, I don’t think I need to go that far though.


I mean… of course god ones are expensive, but I’m also looking for both wireless earbuds and maybe a wireless gaming headset as well so also lemme kno plz lol




Check out the newest addition to my small little collection. :smiley: Limited edition, 1 in 2000. Not the rarest thing I have, but definitely the one I’ve wanted the most and for the longest time!


Don’t buy a gaming headset is my first advice.

Gaming headsets = over priced + built in mic + RGB and stuff.

You can get better headset and if want to use a mic you can purchase a stand alone mic that’s better for less than the price of the gamer headset.


@TrickshotMcgee Lemme know what you think of the statue above, fellow collector!


At first I thought it was a life-sized bedpost…imagine an Alien-themed covered bed…


Maybe a little too nerdy for me.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’d get them anyways for the novelty.


10/10 would sleep in.


Maybe more Giger themed in general, but close enough.


I’d sleep in it.


The more the merrier I always say.


I was thinking a little more like the nest walls from Aliens 2 that would surround and cradle you in it’s black ribbed skeletal-ness, but these would do too.


It’s really damn nice. Regrettably, I don’t have the cash money to get one.

As stated above, wireless “gaming” headsets are 10x more expensive than necessary for something that’s only going to last you 3 years, tops. Soundproof headphones generally have better quality and cost less than dedicated gaming headsets do, plus they usually last longer. Also, get a 6-foot (or more) cord and you don’t need wireless stuff.

I don’t have any specific recommendations, just that bit of advice, if you can call it that. But if you’re set on gaming headsets, then you need to cough up the cash for the good ones. Otherwise you’re not even almost getting the money’s worth.




Look what I found. People were eating chestbursters all this time. (Be warned it’s a bit gross)


It’s a fish called Warasubo.




It’s not even gaming headsets I’m looking at, just good ones that will last me. Ones I’ve looked at are around the 70-100 range.
Reason I’m looking for a wired and wireless one is because the audio jack in my computer seems to have trouble with cords, so in case I can’t use the cord I want the backup.


Unfortunately; our computers don’t like the idea of “Headset + Mic” so you can plug it into Headphone jack and get sound but no mic or you can put it into the microphone jack…and it’ll work…but not the headset

But @LorenTheGinger; if you do plan to ignore everyone and buy a gaming headset don’t go for Turtle Beach as they have been having problems where the left ear always goes out. (RIG is being nice so far)
But I would still suggest having a standalone microphone like I do