Say Something Random 5.5


awww it just melts your heart… (dog getting reunited with family)



Did you draw your avatar??


I think all of her avatars were drawn by her.


Not this time anyways.

All credit goes to the amazing Kiitos_Kulta on twitter.
they make adorable art.


Awww, good stuff!




Nerite snail update:

As of now the Nerite snail is now named Dick! Now you may be wondering. What would cause me to name him that? Well it decided that I wanted to become a master escape artist. It’ll crawl up my wall and try to find a way out. There’s only one way out and that’s the hole with the hang on filter sticking through and I don’t think it can fit it’s shell through it anyways. More importantly today Dick decided he wanted to scare me. Earlier today I didn’t see him at all in the tank and I assumed he was hiding somewhere and would eventually come out. Well I get home and I still don’t see him. That is until I see his shell right next to the little flap that acts as the filters output. The little bastard decided he wanted to hide behind the filter! I was afraid he might be stuck as it must of been a tight squeeze since the hang on filter fits almost perfectly onto the tank side. So that’s how he got his new name by scaring the hell out of me when I didn’t see him when I got home today!

Tank update:

The tank is slowly looking better and better! There’s only one plant in there that looks unhealthy so I’m going to wait a week before removing it just in case it’s still recovering. Soon I’ll be able to get a picture and I’m really excited for you guys to see the tank in it’s entirety!

Pharaoh update:

Pharaoh is doing very well and has adapted to its new home. Yesterday I caught it sleeping in the rock house the shrimp like to hang out it which solves the mystery of why they seemed to stop going into it that day. During most of the day it sleeps but when it gets later into the day it gets more active and will crawl all around the tank.

Shrimp update:

I’m almost positive now that at least one of my shrimp are pregnant as I think I saw some eggs on one of their tails? I’m not sure what its exactly called but I’ll just call it a tail.

Female Guppy update:

It’s been almost a month since I first saw the first guppy look pregnant which means sooner or later if it is pregnant it should be giving birth.


shouldnt you make a thread for this?

Its also good content if youre interested in starting a channel.

something like AntsCanada does.


I’m making a thread when I can get pictures. Also I love watching AntsCanada but I’m nowhere near as skilled as him. Plus I only have my phone.


nowhere near being able to talk about your animals?

he started out with a phone aswell



I mean. All I can really do I say facts about fish nothing interesting like having some giant beatle Olympics.


i dunno, there are some pretty interesting fish out there


Indeed Axi… There are many fish in the sea :>

… are we talking literal fishies? o.o


So apparently Master of Puppets is fucking terrifying at 60% speed


reveal a small mistake that made you embarrased.

I once called a friend “babe” and left


When I was young my dad was talking about Alien and said something about face huggers. I asked what a face hooker was…

I wasn’t embarrassed at that time since I was so young but it’s embarrassing to think about it now…


50% of the things I said that Loren tells you guys


I doubt youre embarrased about any of it.