Say Something Random 5.5


trying to have a legitimate debate with a crackpot theorist of any kind

That’s your first mistake, young Padawan.


Arguing with the fringe investigators into the paranormal is like a Rhino Painting a portrait… Somethings just not right.


That is probably the first time I get so many thumbs up on Discord.




Nice article on how Evolve led the way for features now found in other games:


God. That makes me so happy that I’m not the only one seeing these similarities between Apex and Evolve.


I made an entire post about the similarities between Characters from Apex and Evolve…just for fun and in my own opinion of course. Lot to read, so probably no one cared, I know I wouldn’t read it :stuck_out_tongue:


I absolutely hate my origin ID.


Just like I hate my Xbox GT



Finally some positive stuff about it!


Electricity is one hell of a drug.


I’ll drug your electricity you hell.


I’ll electricity your hell drug you


hell I’ll you electricity drug your


Electricity you I’ll drug your hell.


Oof, but why?


This video is for heterosexuals only


I think i can pull it off. That’s really it. I used to never want and tattoos or piercings. Thought they were pretty foolish even. Gradually i came around. I told myself if i wanted anything longer than a year without changing my mind,i would get it. So I did.



Feeling Snarky today, felt like taking the readers on a trip of confusion.