Say Something Random 5.5


Stan lee tribute? havent seen movie yet.


I was one of the best. I was apart of the best team known by all. It was my unorthodox play styles and ability to win at the last second that caused them to invite me in.

There was trial to be apart of this team, you had to fight the boss. He was the best. Nobody could touch this guys skills. Sure I have beat him maybe a once or twice but to make it in the team, you had to fight him in wushu.

I ended up being a 3rd r 4th dan black belt in game level.

But damn that was a fun time in my life.


Nothing really spoilery

It’s the Marvel logo intro but with all of Stan’s cameos, mad respect


Damnit, I missed that because I went to the bathroom after the last trailer. Darn husband didn’t tell me /shakesfist


The pork is brown, and angry.


I feel like I’m reading some kind of secret code here.


Tell me more


My porkchop was brown and I am sad because it was slightly overcooked


looks campy…



Let’s hope Markiplier watch it in his next “Try not to Laugh” video.



The World Chat


Mmmh…I htink I’ve already seen this thing before.


A Dark Souls style RPG where you play as a state alchemist from Full Metal Alchemist would be really cool.



Yeah i did it before it’s just fun to see how fast I get a nibble




I got my septum pierced today. I thought it was going to hurt really bad, but it was surprisingly painless.


Bigfoot discussion tonight ‘Hellier’ and one person said…

I said " all bigfoot cast should be tossed out or disreguarded, they are too easy to fake and 3d printers are wonderful things. " an investigator said "Well the cast I have isn’t fake. I then said “did you have it researched or is it just a private collection type of thing?” They responded “My friend gave it to me and I know he’s valid.”

Slams my head into internet wall… “Your friend might be valid, but is it possible he was fooled?”

So my opinion is his cast is worthless, its from a friend.