Say Something Random 5.5


Now I’m hungry… :frowning: and I don’t have any Mac and cheese.


How do you know they are all the same then?


Neither do I! Lets be hungry and sad together.


I guess another sad night of cereal it is.


Read before posting.


Aaaand it’s been shot in the foot before it even came out the gate

But that’s wrong, which you’d know if you’d actually watch them.

So you’ve seen one or 2 movies, and you ASSUME they’re all the same based on that?


Gottem lol.


That’s like saying video games are bad because all of them have some objective that requires the player to complete.



Me and my sis’ say, it’s all but a bunch of reheated stuff, voila!


Hey who here likes doing stuff?


Oh? Uh…me?
I do SFM, pixel arts, etc…oh and I forgot my lore.
I forgot my lore…


It’s been 3 fucking months!!!
*insanely scream infuriated


Cool. I like doing stuff too.


You think I didn’t read? That’s very nieve of you. I read everything. Once or twice doesn’t give you nearly enough information to stake your claim.


We okay in here? I brought ice buckets.


She looks like a little kid. Lol

@ToiletWraith cool as a cucumber. :wink:


Yall better be. Im leaving these buckets here while I sleep.


Uh…d-don’t shit yourself, breh…

You fool! While you’re not looking, they’re just going to shoot missiles at us!

Flight of the Valkyries starts playing as an ominous mass of flying objects blots out the Sun

Oh, no…it begins…run


Puts foot in bucket


Who would leave a perfectly good ice bucket lying around? I mean… I won’t steal it… but what if someone else does?


I dun got ma foot in it.