Say Something Random 5.5





I like it. Thanks :grin:


I was joking around. Not an actual word :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of which, water






Best fanbase ever?


Coffins used to be built with holes in them, attached to six feet of copper tubing and a bell. The tubing would allow air for victims buried under the mistaken impression they were dead. Harold, the Oakdale gravedigger, upon hearing a bell, went to go see if it was children pretending to be spirits. Sometimes it was also the wind. This time it wasn’t either. A voice from below begged, pleaded to be unburied.

“You Sarah O’Bannon?” Yes! the voice assured.

“You were born on September 17, 1827?”


“The gravestone here says you died on February 19?”

“No I’m alive, it was a mistake! Dig me up, set me free!”

“Sorry about this, ma’am,” Harold said, stepping on the bell to silence it and plugging up the copper tube with dirt. “But this is August. Whatever you is down there, you ain’t alive no more, and you ain’t comin’ up.”


3 spooky 5 me.


On Saturday I went to a convention and saw something that I simply had to get.


Man I think I just used up all my luck. I just got 4 red items in Vermintide 2 in 4 chests back to back.


I have the Goliath, Hank, Markov and Maggie on my shelve, thanks to my sister who gifted me in Christmas.


What? No Val? Also…so sad we didn’t get a Daisy Funko Pop…and other monsters.


Nope, I don’t have Val. I guess my sister didn’t find her, or either didn’t want to spend too much money (althrough she’s a big spender).
I wish there was other funko pops as well, the Kraken would look badass with its eyes. I always liked the eyes of the Kraken more than the other monsters.


Normal password reset: here, go to the email address you use for the account and click this link to reset.

Microsoft password reset: here please fill out this survey
Question 1: what is your favorite turtles name? I have no turtle, so I leave it blank (most questions are irrelevant anyway). Sorry, you did not fill out enough information wtf…


Raphael, Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Leonardo…just pick one silly.

also @Terepin


My favorite turtle is Speedy. He could do tricks on command.


I saw this now y’all need to see this


remember you have to share the picture before the seventh day or it will come for you


creepy …