Say Something Random 5.5


The Fall of Evolve.

I am going to come out and say it.

“Too Much Community Input”

there, someone had to say it.

RIP Evolve



“I said no rakes!”


Bailey and Aurora update:

I think Bailey is making a bubble nest. It’s not much but I can see some foamy bubbles near the filter (he loves to hang out near the filter input). I can’t be sure though as it could be from something else.


I couldn’t watch the final chapter I was so crept out.

I will go into detail a bit later but if you have a
amazon prime account you can see it for free.




I didn’t think it was this bad



The game that inspired others to go super.,.,


I just got the new iPad software update, and it’s pretty garbage. It just changes the layout of stuff and makes it annoying.


Account where?


lol sorry fixed paragraph


We just finished watching Captain Marvel and the movie hadn’t even started and I was about to cry.



I hate Marvel…




Why do you hate it? They make decent movies.


It was awesome the movie and the tribute. :mountain:


It’s always the same shit! It’s so hackneyed, the concept is always the same! It’s always the same story about someone who used to be a normal person then all of a sudden, a terrible fate strikes them but they end up being super heroes with super powers to defeat the big bad guy who made bad things towards the super hero.
It’s the same thing over and over again! They’re gonna invent all the possible heroes imaginable, and there’s already a fuck-ton of them!


All the hero’s that’s been in the movies a were already pre-existing hero’s. To my knowledge they haven’t made any new hero’s for the MCU. Plus there are differences in stories. Some people don’t have super powers. Take iron man for example. While yes he had terrible fate he never had super powers. Bruce Banner (Hulk) used to hate his powers. Hell did you not see the ending of Infinity War? Half the people died. There was no happy ending for that movie.


No, because I don’t watch the movies made by Marvel, but even then I’ve once or twice been forced to watch one of them with my parents.


I crave for the mighty goodness that is mac and cheese.