Say Something Random 5.5


I saw a beautiful cat in a video, it was at a temple. I got inspired to make and 80’s poster ^.^



Pretty sure that was last night.


My life has gotten to the point where I see a Great Dane and think to myself, “Hey, that’s a medium-size dog.”


It is tonight. Sunday, March 10


It was last night for us… I dunno it’s all dumb to me lol


Fortnite says it’s tonight, I guess so be it lol


Ba na na

Hella bread


You ever tried banana with milk mixed together in a milkshake? I once made it and it tasted so good, just have to be careful not making lumps.


Ive tried banana bread with milk.
Not blended though.

If i wanted that id just make a banana milkshake.


Banana milkshake is yummy…


I miss milkshakes.


Im a fukin cycle path.


That you Hyde?



Don’t mind me.



It’s to bad I hate bananas.




Fish update:

I’m pretty sure at least two of the guppies are pregnant now. Since I haven’t been able to come up with a name for the male guppy is name is now officially Chad, Stealer of Nice Guys Women.

Bailey seems to be taking more and more interest in Aurora so I think he’s figured out that she isn’t a guppy (granted she does look like one). There’s been no sight of a bubble nest yet tho.

Pharaoh has been doing great. It runs around the tank all night and becomes lazy in the morning. Jengu has been doing good as well. The black Nerite snail is doing good but I keep finding him above the water and I don’t want him to discover there’s a hole in the back of my lid (for my hang on filter) that he can use to escape so I’ve just been putting it back into the water.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures but the tank is slowly looking better so I’m looking forward to being able to get you guys full pictures of the tank.