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It’s to bad some of his recent stuff really seems fake.


I’m really bad at doing summaries, but here we go…

Light is a boy with incredible intellect, he’s considered one of the smartest students in Japan, he’s very popular at school, he’s kind and has a great family.

You can tell that a happy and normal life is ahead of him, but one day at school, he sees a random notebook falling from the sky, he picks it up and finds out that the notebook has a name, Death Note.

He discovers that this notebook has the power to kill anybody whose name has been written on it, so he suddenly found a new purpose in life, to clean earth of all evil by bringing justice to all criminals (by killing them) and to become the god of this new world he’s creating.

A powerful and deadly weapon just fell on the hands of one of the brightest person in Japan, how bad can this be? But, as the story progresses, Light encounters a rival who is just as smart as him, a world famous detective called L, who wants to bring Light down. Who is going to win?

One of the main themes of this show is how power can corrupt even the purest souls. This summary really doesn’t do justice to the brilliant writing of this show, you just have to watch it. :+1:


yes, but getting it can be a pain.

the official MS Windows Movie Editor.


DeathNote is a series that is a psychological thriller.
It is very good
It uses a lot of symbolism as well.
What that sentry gun said.



Correction: Don’t watch live action at all


lol, on another note. <- not a pun swear

I found out that the reason my ranks are so low in games is becuase i have had a horrible laggy connection for about 2 years.

Today, played overwatch on good signal and I dismantled everyone for multiple games.




Ok, this is much more ridiculous than the usual Wreckfest I’m posting.


I just learned that when I make something it can be as personal as I want it, but to make people engage with it I need to make it a personal experience for them as well.


This is a cake a chef made to fool the recipient.





Just look at that army of cabbages I got!


Captain Marvel is sooooooooooo good!


Yeah captain marvel is really good. We stopped at petsmart after the movie and got some dwarf hair grass, an ivory mystery snail, and a nerite snail. Since Bailey is super passive as well I got him a partner. I’m hoping they’ll end up breeding and if any babies survive I’ll sell them for cheaper than what petsmart is charging for Bettas. So it’ll be like $2.00 for a Betta or something like that. Also I’m pretty sure one of the ghost shrimp is pregnant since it has a larger tail area and those little arms are moving to keep the eggs in place. I don’t see any eggs at the moment but I can’t get a good look either.

Edit: forgot to mention that the females name is Aurora since she has a beautiful color. The nerite snail and ivory mystery snail have no names at the moment.

Edit 2:

I got two pictures.
This is aurora

The ivory mystery snail decided it wanted to climb on the Anubis so I’m going to name it pharaoh because I feel like it.


I had the best luck with Anubis and also moss balls. The moss balls live through just about anything and they help your tank as well as give the shrimpies fun to pick through for debris.


Lion Sleeps Tonight starts playing


I don’t understand some of the backlash, I loved it! She was such a badass and the cat and the skrulls were so good!


Good, i think