Say Something Random 5.5


Chronica though…ugh



It’s a video game!


I never would have guessed! This is amazing news!


i KNEW it… >.> I will keep it a secret.



What a day. How’s everyone?


Just about to sleep… it was a tiring day for me @.@

What’s up with yours Mountain? O.O


Appart from something a little unexpected yesterday, I’m pretty fine.
Plus, why worry about yesterday if I can just shrug it off?


Bout to get my paint and drank on! :tumbler_glass:

@Dovahkick Hmmm, why indeed. :thinking:



I think it would be best to keep it personal.


I like :thinking: better.


I still prefer “Le Penseur” over the “tHoNk EmOjI” because at least it’s not from some kind of stupid social media.


I’m sure that’s what people thought about hieroglyphics too. Life moves in circles.


Personally I only use crop circles. None of that hieroglyphic of emoji crap.


Is it weird that I find Dr. Phil kinda addicting lol?


Yes! Yes it is.


Don’t listen to her Pickles, it’s not weird at all

Dr. Philly is one of the greatest Gods gifted to us in our universe


HOly FUCK OpenShot is a terrible program. Is there any video editor I can get for free that DOESN’T stop working every 2 minutes?


Nope. That’s why they cost money. :stuck_out_tongue: