Say Something Random 5.5


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Well they have a financial structure and krabs is a penny pinch’er right? and isnt there other such structures in place like cops and all that?


The cops didn’t arrest 2 guys out in the middle of the night with a shovel who became extremely concerned by the presence of police. Bikini Bottom’s law enforcement isn’t exactly solid. Plus, we’ve only ever seen Plankton, an attempted burglar, in jail a couple times even though he’s almost always at the Chum Bucket.


Well I don’t know other countries laws but in the US, being suspicious looking is not grounds for arrest. Though they will question what your doing.



He is on the horizon…


No, but attempted theft is, especially when there’s multiple witnesses, like the patrons of the Kantankerous Krustacean or whatever it’s called.


You must have some nice cops around your neck of the woods. Buddy of mine worked in dispatch, you’d be surprised what folks get arrested for around here. Maybe that’s a local thing though.

That trip past the wall…smh. I never thought I’d be so disappointed to have that many interesting characters together.


I’ve had seen knews about a cop arresting two women in a market, just because they spoke spanish and not english. That was in the US, if you don’t mind.

At least the true law free’d the women because the patrol guard’s arrest has not been tolerated.


Plus, Mr. Krabs was almost executed for… Being under suspicion of stealing a crown, I think? With no real proof.


Where did this conversation even start from?


The King’s crown!! That covers his bald spot! >_<

I wonder if people will believe the Cyclops about his entire shop coming to life because of the water sprinklers o.o


That’s wrongful detainment and also not legal. Cops broke the law.



Apparently Bungie is teasing the Gjallarhorn for D2. Wow. First Last Word, then Thorn, then Gjallarhorn. The three most famous/infamous guns in D1?


Very long boi walks around the world


GOSH DARN IT, I have always enjoyed MK Story


Here’s your bad news of the day. :frowning:



He says that he is going to fight it and continue hosting Jeopardy, but we got to remember this man is 78 and stage 4 is very late to find it. Its spread, which sucks.

I wish him the best but realistically I dont have high hopes. This sucks especially hard for me as I am actually a huge fan of the show.