Say Something Random 5.5


I got a Victory Royale in Fortnite Solos last night, boy was I sweating. But hey, I got that really nice umbrella which is all I care about (even plays a little tune).


Doing something for the first time is usually considered a great and unique experience that you just can’t “repeat”.

For example, this happened to me with the anime series Death Note. I have watched these series too many times, but nothing compares to the first time, where I had no idea of the plot nor the outcomes.

But when I tell my brother or a friend to watch it, I get jealous ( not in a malicious way) because they’re going through an experience that I will never be able to take back.


RIP Keith Flint, he was a firestarter, a twisted firestarter in fact.


The secret ingredient was crab meat.


Uh oh. That’s a problem.


It makes perfect sense tho.

There are no ther crabs in Bikini Bottom.
its a KRABBY patty
the main part is featured in the first part of the dish, just like KELP fries.

So, actually Krusty Krab is being ran by a canibalistic money-hungry Crab.



Other sources outside of the show, however, specify that it’s imitation crab; so, once again, this is just another crackpot MatPat theory that only serves to kill more of my brain cells.


Oh, i didnt get that from matpat.
I figured it out myself along with a bunch of people.


Pretty sure there is a crab out there that eats their children too


The “secret ingredient” is just a clever marketing tactic, and fish aren’t that intelligent anyway…so the moral of the story is that Mr. Krabs is even more brilliant than Plankton. He managed to brainwash the whole of Bikini Bottom with one imaginary ingredient.


This…is my kind of nightmare.


This. Have you fuckers learned nothing from Kung Fu Panda?


Not jealous. I never cared for the show. Take that. Ha!


Like the very first time I heard the opening bass lines on Valkyrie Missile and my eyes got really wide because I knew I was in for something special with that song.


I disagree, MR KRABS is smart enough not to break any financial laws and adverting something not there is illegal, it would cost him money to pay the fine.


@snowkissed pssst… I hope you are having a wonderful day.

ps… how about a bone to nibble on about the new project? hmmmm


Heard of the series but never saw it…convince me to not be lazy and see it. What is it about? Also, I think it was you who convinced me to watch Game of Thrones? That or @TheMountainThatRoars…it was one of you boys.


Only if it was Season 4 or previous. 5+ has been a shit show.


Ok, first of all: fuck you

Bold of you to assume that Bikini Bottom has laws like that and, if they do, Mr. Krabs wouldn’t be able to circumvent them. He did fake the theft of his own formula once.