Say Something Random 5.5


Yep, I am aware of the extremes of the autism spectrum.



Kid: Plays 4 hours of video games a week.
Kid: Gets good grades and does well at his other activities too.
Parent: We need to send you to get help. This has become an addiction.


Super relatabl-



This not-quite-20-year-old will now excuse herself from the conversation of feeling like I am a dumbass who does dumbass things lmao


It’s okay. You’ll grow out of it.


I dunno dude… there’s a reason my dad says redheads are just blondes on fire and I’m it lmfao


Okay, so you’ll grow into it.


Oh cool I’m like an Occamy from the Fantastic Beast/Harry Potter world lmao


Looked around the tank today and I didn’t see any other baby Malaysian Trumpet Snails which is good. I was also able to grab this nice photo for you guys.

One of the ghost shrimps likes to rest on the only good looking plant (for now) in the tank and I’ve been trying to get a picture of him doing it for a couple days and now I finally got one!


In Sponge Bob, was plankton the secret ingredient in the crabby patties?


The world is going crazy


There is no secret ingredient.


Now I try to keep myself open minded, I’m currently 21 (I feel young now… :stuck_out_tongue: ) looking back when I was say… 17 I could see what a massive cringe material I could be. Of course years in the future I can see my current self being dumb. It takes time for personal growth.

Sad news today, Keith Flint of The Prodigy just died… A truly legendary group, I’m sure most people around here have heard at least one of their songs. :frowning:


Well, might as well check if I do know one of the songs o.o

Dang… It was suicide…

Personal growth is a tough one for sure :’>
… Sorta >…<


Woah woh WOAH WHAT THE FUCK?! Us this REAL?!


I bet I can make you jealous with my next sentence.

I about to start watching SpongeBob…… …for the first time.


I always become jealous of people who are going to watch a show/movie or play a videogame for the first time, that feeling is unique and irreplaceable.

Once you do it again, you can’t invoke those same feelings, sadly.


I don’t see how that could make you jealous, they discover something and that’s it. Oh, and I watched “Mortal Engines” yesterday…it was meh.


Cause experiencing something for the first time can be a very different in some ways better experience.


Aha! The Ace of Spades is mine!