Say Something Random 5.5


I once had my testicles go numb… that was a weird and not at all fun sensation.


Aaaaand I regret mentioning anything about numbness!


Serves you right!


I forgot what I was going to say to this because of Moose’s message below yours. lol


I think this means I win.


In other news…


Ok, now I see what Mountain was supposed to mean. It’s the fact of saying “it was better before” that makes one immature, right?


No, that makes you sound old.


My lungs. They cannot handle the amount of laughter I have experienced all so soon.


So what is it to be immature by hating immature people? Is it the fact of being stuck?


That’s just part of being young. Young people think they know best, I know I did when I was young. 20 years later I look back on myself and think “What a dumbass I was to do/think/say ‘X’.”



Yeah, I’m 30 and I still feel pretty dumb.


Right?! I’m 36 and I look at other parents when I go to daycare and think “Where the hell did I go wrong?”

To be fair, I think that a lot when I look at other people my age.


I always look back and feel like there were milestones I should have hit in adulthood by this point.


Also Dova, nothing I said was an attack on you or how you feel. But given that you are young I think it is healthy to challenge your ideals and try to make you look at things differently.

I didn’t really have that growing up and I think it would have been incredibly helpful.


They have those for kids…but as an adult


old picture millennial vapehead
new picture welcome to adult life


It all started with my haircut, then it went into some kind of misunderstood discussion about maturity and immaturity.

There’s this problem with me that I want to improve but probably can’t, the way of understanding the others.
You probably noticed that I tend to misunderstand what people talk about, that must have to do with my autism. So it’s hard to have a conversation that goes well when someone doesn’t intend to hurt or whatsoever with me (unless with friends, it’s easier to have a proper conversation).


IDK if it has anything to do with autism at all, but more with how your past interactions with people have gone. The best way to handle new situations is to treat it as such.

If you have preconceived notions about something, it’s easy to assume that all similar topics/people are the same.


Autism is what make someone lack in social interactions, I am an asperger which means that my autism is not so severe (gladly). People who have heavy autism can be unable to talk, so they react with cries and screams rather than words and corporal expression.