Say Something Random 5.5


Cornbread and butter beans my dude. Sooooo good.


Haven’t really been able to play him in a proper game =~=

People are still too excited for him so I might just start playing OW again in the mean time @.@

By the way! I chose Order! :>


They’re not as hyped as before, though. His damage is laughable if you don’t hit the sharp edge of the Q.

Ha! God-King Garen has lured you to serve his tyrannical empire with his lies of order. How naive, old master of mine.


Order must be enforced >…<"

The war has favoured chaos all of a sudden @_@
sad times


Everything moves way slower in Texas…from ordering food to shopping for anything, to driving. This is hard to get used to. But hey no income tax and no tax on groceries either? Amazing! In Illinois you get income taxes and sales taxes, along with taxes on groceries. Illinois sales taxes are about 6.5 percent compared to 8 percent in Texas but I still think it works out better. Property taxes are a little lower in Texas too.


WHY I LOVE PHOTOSHOP! A new host on SpacedOutRadio Weekends asked me to make a banner for tonights show about natural earth made vortexes ect… and well take a look… I am almost done with the edit.

Just a little bit of cleanup left and I have my Background image ^.^

Step 1, Select object to be removed
Step 2, Edit, Fill, Content Aware
Step 3, Reconstructions of statue
Step 4, Clean up Phase Removal of anomalies)
Step 5, finished banner. add personality to work (all elements are from the topic at hand).


Now that I have The Crew 2 to play, I made a sweet screenshot of my Chevrolet Corvette Stingray in mid-air.

If you want more, ask me. I’ll do what you want as long as the vehicle you’re looking for is in my garage.
It can be a pick-up, a motorcycle, a plane, a muslce car, a rally car, etc…any vehicle!
There’s plenty of options to tweak taken screenshots in The Crew 2, which is awesome to do a picture like this one. You can change the time of the day, the weather, the damages/dirt on the vehicle, make the trafic/animals invisible, tweak the saturation, the fog effect, add foreground, etc…there’s plenty of options, so don’t hesitate to tell me what you want me to do in details.


DeLorean…yes please.


This vehicle doesn’t exist in The Crew 2, sorry…
I forgot to show the list of vehicles available in the game. The (not) full list is >here<
I just hope you’re not too deceived, but is it the only vehicle you like? Isn’t there any other vehicle you like other than the DeLorean?
Me for example, I love muslce cars (especially the Chevrolet Camaro SS 2018), off-road cars (such as Dakar vehicles), and some other specific vehicles.


Question on design… On spacedoutradio they have been using a piece of art that i did some research, and the best i can find is that it is an ALIENWARE logo.

My task is to create a new Alien Logo, but I am not sure where to take it atm and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. below is a sample of the head they have been using. (not sure if clip art, or I.P.)

@SledgePainter any input would be great.


@SledgePainter, since the DeLorean is not in the game, do you still want a screenshot of replacement?


It’s a fairly over-used design concept, the alien head with large eyes. You need to stick to similar parameters but be unique. Maybe separate the eyes more or slant them less, add skin texture or creases around the eyes. Many of these logos turn the head into something metallic feeling like chrome…go more fleshy and you can’t go wrong.

Dova…I really have a heart for the DeLorean but did they have an El Camino or a 57 Chevy?


Yeah, that was the trap I was running into… if I go cartoon it ends up being a lot like Roger from American Dad, but If I go to realalistic it jumps out too much. Thank you for your input!

I have been working on it and I have a sorta in between, like a serious vector graphic, but using noir style shading.


How many times a day do you guys just scrombobulate?


how many of you looked up the word… scrombobulate?


The game doesn’t have the El Camino or the Bel Air, but there’s the Impala if you want, or the Silverado 1500, the old RS, the old ZR8, the Camaro SS 2010, the Corvette C2 and C3 and the Camaro ZL1.


Does Crew 2 have Apollo Intensa Emozione or Aston Martin Vulcan?


Sad deep sigh…I want for none of these. :weary:


I only know of discombobulate. Tried to look up your version but could not find a meaning. Is it general discourse?


@Delphox, wish granted!

I couldn’t remove the dirt from the oponent who drive the Ferrari, I can only do that to my own car…so to fix that, I added dirt to mine.