Say Something Random 5.5


Simpsons never dies. It just gets worse and worse


Why the hell is anyone even watching it anymore? It’s not funny, it’s not engaging, it’s become the very thing it swore to destroy.


You were suppose to destroy the sith not join them!
Also this


I still havent seen the first one.

Also why does this trailer feel like a super hero movie?


They are How to Train Your Dragoning it. First one is more silly and light hearted, and then the 2nd ups the stakes and gets a bit more serious.
Hopefully, I would love to see something like Frozen grow up with the kids that watched it and mature into something worth going back to.


Havent seen the second one of that either. I liked the first one though. I should watch it when I get time.


Both of the How to Train your Dragon movies are great, I recommend highly


My Subnautica map:


Especially the borders, it’s NOPE for 100% of the players.


You gotta hand it to them
the trailer lives up to the hype


There’s only one good battle royal and it’s:

Don’t @ me


Jeez, last month I got a mail from Google warning me about a Korean who tried to steal my account (so I changed my password) and now I got a mail from Ubisoft about an american who tried to steal my Ubisoft account (so I again changed my password). I feel like I’m being a priority target now.

Also, Ubisoft shows your own IP when you connect to your account, and somehow it also shows the IP of the guy who tried to steal my account.


I like making digital art out of photographs. So I noticed my daughter needed a personal avatar for her social media.

So what did I do? I took a crazy angle photo and turned her into a floating head of course.


And we love them for it.

It’s that show you can watch 20 years from now and you will find episodes or seasons you never saw. Falling back in love with he Simpsons after it’s 50th anniversary special.


Oh WOW like. Wow
Check out @MartinM_Media’s Tweet:


Except a lot of the recent seasons suck,



My friend: tries to explain Danganronpa lore

I mean, every time you poop, you see a turd you’ve never seen before. Doesn’t mean it’s not shit. Maybe your excrement was fragrant long ago, but now, it’s the same as all the other crap around. Worse, even.


Trying to battle back against Apex?


Was my first thought. The thing about the Battle Pass is this: Once you buy it once, you can technically have it forever because the pass grants you enough coinage that smart players will save them in order to attain the next pass easily. So my question is…will the next battle pass contain coins? And if so…will it be slightly less than needed to attain a subsequent pass? It is quite the move because they dont grant free skins in Fortnite, let alone free battle passes. They must have seen quite a numbers drop…enough for them to worry.