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Splitters usually take input (1) to multiple outputs, not the other way around.

You’d need something like a switch, more than a splitter.


Ah, I was wondering what the difference was between a switch and a splitter. Thanks both!


Anyone here follow Bo Burnham stuff?


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Valid questions


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@TheMountainThatRoars @ToiletWraith So about that question of the HMDI splitter/switch, turns out I was overdue on getting a new DutchCard :tm: . Found a TV online for cheap, sold my old TV, and now for slightly more than the price of a decent HDMI switch I went from an old 720p TV to a relatively new 1080p interactive TV with 3 HDMI ports :joy:


Hey, that’s awesome! :ok_hand:


Ah yes two phases of life I know fondly, shit and I sold the shit and got something not as shitty.


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