Say Something Random 5.5


Of course it can, look at Southpark; Awesome0 just pumped out loads of ideas :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the fact I had to censor a swearword says enough how happy I was with this :joy:


Felt suicidal, but not anymore as i am getting help


I’m glad to hear that.


I have to move out and get my own place


Also not a bad idea.


If I don’t I will end up cutting my wrists


Just as a heads up, not a very effective method.

Also just don’t do that. Good luck.


If you ever want to chat I’m SledgePainter on Steam. #0851 on Discord.



Remember, the 10th is the anniversary of Evolve! Everyone is welcome to come join and play all day.


read this as “This is the 10th anniversary of Evolve.”
Almost had a heart attack.


Now that I think about it. Was evolve one of the first games to include unique abilities/class sets across the fps genre? (i mean TF2 was there… i think)


Honestly, every game that comes to mind was released after Evolve…I highly doubt it though




Battle front was released November 17, 2015 and Evolve was released February 10, 2015 according to a quick Google search.

So no, Evolve was released first.


I dunno if I posted here but I got a 10 gallon tank for my Betta, some Amano shrimp and some snails. I got it like a week ago and we now finally got everything set up other than the fish. I would post a picture but it’s still kinda foggy from the substrate we used but it’s slowly clearing up.


I was referring to the 2004 version.


Oof. Dunno if I should feel old, call you a whippersnapper or smh at your ignorance.


Ah I see lol

I never liked Star Wars and never followed it, I just remembered there was one that came out a few years ago



Question from a leek, an HDMI splitter would pretty much turn a single HDMI port into two right?

Got a TV I want to hook my switch into, but the two HDMI ports it has are taken by my PC and PS4. Using a splitter would allow me to hook the PS4 and Switch up at the same time right?