Say Something Random 5.5


I see we face the opposite problems haha


Sorry man probably shoulda mentioned in my first post.


Nah you’re good. I forget things all the time so I can’t really blame you without being a hypocrite.



This is amazing…



I forgot to take pics but I cooked the best steaks of my life last night.

NY strips. So tender you could cut them with a fork. Not an exaggeration, I literally used my fork instead of a knife.





I was browsing the website of and fell on a news about Epic Games paying Google to add Apex Legends to the key words of Fortnite so players find Fortnite as their first line of research rather than Apex Legends.
I commented my opinion about this and someone later posted this documentary on how Fortnite attracted the players this easily. I recommend watching it because it opened my mind on many aspects of the videogame today, how it works and what it does (it’s french, but there’s english subtitles you can able from the gear in the progress bar, and its proper english).

The poster of this video did a lot of researches, he met people from the video game industry, these people explain the weaknesses of the human’s psychology, how they are exploited in the video game industry, etc…you have to watch it.


I want to eat such steaks. Bed and breakfast in Boom Boom’s house @w@


You’re welcome to come by anytime. I’ll make ya something tasty.


Warning this is false. He’ll probably be confused as to why a random person just walked into his house and not cook you steaks.


As long as you aren’t here to rape me or steal my stuff I’m pretty friendly and chill.


Fuck, it’s been a good 3 weeks and SilvaGunner’s stopped uploading entirely. What, did they assassinate him after killing his channel? Fuck YouTube and its bullshit copyright claim system. Some idiot gets to sell gambling to kids, but people who genuinely hard to make quality content get a fucking cactus up the ass. God fucking dammit, I hate corporations.

…Is that a recurring problem?


Guys, you know the drill. We don’t really like that word to be tossed around casually.



You need to make a family out of Daisy’s


Awesome, it’s good to see these two get along for once