Say Something Random 5.5


I use the windows launcher. Most of my stuff remained the same except for a few things that mysteriously vanished.

Multiple settings got changed, the new drop down menu is gigantic. It changed the color of some buttons, like my calculator is now puke green and it won’t even let me change it for some reason.

Also it looks like it’s trying to copy iPhone in design.

8 looked sleek and professional. 9 looks like it’s made for children and they messed up my settings and completely destroyed my font size. I can’t even fix my font.

Look how ridiculous the drop down menu is now. It’s taking up double the screen space it use to and with less information.

It’s also changed the recent apps list and it’s actually harder to navigate and close specific ones now.

Left is what it used to be. It worked great and was easy to see everything at once.


OW… and OW again. Guess i can take you in games at the moment… see ya on the battlefield ^.^


Yeah, using the controller is a bit tricky but I’m managing well enough.


ahh but you are still handicapped by that ps4 thing huh? jk jk… (personally I aim better with controllers or really well when i combine a controller with a mouse.)

I never liked the playstation controller NEVER… thats why I havent really ever owned a playstation since the 2nd one and final fantasy. Hate those milkbones


Still need/want to watch Upgrade.

Totally missed the trailers so I didn’t find out about it till after it finished it’s run.


Playstation controller is my all time favorite. Beats the Xbox any day.


Shrug, that’s the best part of Android. Customize it!

I also don’t mind the notification bar. Enhanced for readability for old folk like me.


‘The Spiritual Me’ I made this yesterday.


To the best of my knowledge that’s one part that can’t be customized. Nothing I have found fixes either issue.


Drop down, no I don’t think so. Same might be true for the switcher, but tbh I haven’t tried.

App drawer is fine though and can be customized.


You all updated your Android, but why don’t I have any update notification yet?


What phone d do you have?

I have a pixel 2,so I’ve had 9 for a while.


I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 which uses Android as its engine.


I got one extra beta invite for the division 2 if anyone is interested

PC only since I have to invite through uPlay friends list.


Doesn’t look like the S7 will get Pie.


If I can put it on my one that’d be nice. My dads been talking about how he’s so excited to play it and I wanna try it out with him.


I don’t like PS4 controllers cause they’re so skinny. That and they don’t use A B X Y on their buttons and it confuses me.


It’s PC only and you’ll have to add me on uPlay.

IAmNotUnique is my username


All fair enough. I don’t care what the button names are so it doesn’t bother me and Xbox controllers are too big for me.


Rip, go ahead and give it to someone else my laptop is to shit to run anything like that lol