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Porcelain is dense and sharp as hell. Pops cut his hand open on a broken toilet too. Tip:Porcelain is super dense, and a smallish piece can shatter glass quite easily. Collect a few chunks of that porcelain, and if you ever need to break a window, just throw it with some heft.


No woodworking involved this time. I was in the laundry room. lol

Will keep that in mind @Hillbilly_Deathlord. It certainly did the job on my hand.


Teach us of your ways, oh hillbilly. I thirst for your knowledge!


Is it made of silver?!

Why was it $6??!!??


Dude, what the hell?


You think thats bad? You should see the mess it left in the laundry room.


It’s a really nice kazoo, obviously.


Yikes!! Get better soon O…O
Also, be more careful boom boom @_@



You have a toilet in your laundry room?


Where else is the laundry supposed to go?


No. It was a half a toilet on a shelf. I don’t know why it was there. We recently moved into this house.


You’re lucky it’s a wound to the hand and not a head injury, otherwhise you wouldn’t be the same.
That suture reminds me of the day my mother sent me to the hospital to remove a cancerous beauty mark I had in the back, they had to cut it to remove it and then suture it (I was surprised how effective the anesthesic solution was).


Tin, and I know, could’ve gotten it a lot cheaper, but 6 bucks isn’t too bad imho :joy:

And thanks @SledgePainter, will do :slight_smile:

edit link no longer works :confused:


Ty this:


Android 9 is God awful. Not only does it look hideous but it’s messed up my phones font size, it removed and changed a lot of my button orders (like where the image gallery is but half of my button layout remained the same for some reason)

The menu looks like a children’s leapfrog tablet now.


Thanks, it worked!


I had one of those. I don’t remember what I played on it though.


Hmm, I like it. But I also use Nova launcher.


That sounds like a sci-fi weapon. In fact, that has to be a thing.