Say Something Random 5.5


When the creepvine starts roaring


I bought and played subnautica during the early development stages, but quit for a while as I couldn’t run it after all the updates on my PC. Scooped it up for the PS4 recently and oh boy has it changed. Still runs like shit at times, but at least I can play it. I just recently got to the edge of the map and I was met with a lovely surprise. If y’all have been there before, you know what I mean. I won’t spoil it for people who haven’t played it though as you really should. It’s awesome!


Yeah, the devs got themselves both a blessing and a curse with the engine they use. Blessing as in, it’s versatile and lightweight, a curse because they pushed it to the very limit (and thus broke some stuff, and made it less lightweight in the process)

And boi, just wait until you head to a certain place with certain giant spongebob characters that’ll force you into a certain place (vague enough yet? :stuck_out_tongue: ). My time with them must’ve been one of the most nerve-wrecking parts ever. That, and sneaking past a certain other creature while heading deeper :joy:


This speaks to me.


I legit thought this was an actual thing…and then…


“Um…yeah, I mean…your station’s name ain’t bein’ serious, pardner.”


Yeah, they really had me until the bit at the end where it was credited as Canadian. Everyone knows Canada isn’t real.


About to burn all my old art. This batch is back from My marvel fandom days where I would draw artist poses. The one I will keep is my spawn I drew on a comic backboard and the tmnt.

I used to be able to draw. But it was following a popular format. That’s not me, that’s not mybstyle.

While it was a good growth experience and I recommend every artist work with key examples I found it’s best for practice. It’s time to let it go. Not even sure why I held onto these.

(These are about 25 years ago or so)


Excuse me, that’s New Zealand.


I was gonna say…you can never throw away TMNT!

I think you can still draw but draw what YOU want and how you want. That is key. Only follow a format if you’re trying to re-capture a style (like with Marvel), but always do what makes you happy and do it for you, not anyone else.


I am thank you for your inspiration. Earlier I mentioned how I plan on travelling round the states to paint local scenes. It’s the direction I have always wanted to go and impressionism and landscape are my strong suit.


Eh, potayto, potahto. Both are one of those countries the UN made up to hide the lunar conspiracy.


Yeah I don’t think the new book is available anymore.
For reasons.


I had a wild dream last night that I was an Evolve monster, but like, I was actually in the game, and it wasn’t a real Evolve Monster, it was some bird thing.

And I had no eyes but I could still see like the Wraith, and before I spawned I chose my abilities and stuff just like in normal Evolve.

And I was like, eating people in a jungle of some sort. It wasn’t a real Evolve map. And I’m pretty sure the people were tourists of some sort.

It’s weird, that’s the first Evolve related dream I’ve had in a longgggg while.



Bought a Kazoo.

Best 6 bucks ever spent :joy:


A lot of these aren’t even close to sci-fi, and most are just science fantasy. Hell, Shazam’s just straight-up fantasy.


First time since forever being back in the OG Evolve… of course there’s only one proper choice of character :stuck_out_tongue:


Cut my hand yesterday.

A toilet tank fell on my head when a shelf collapsed. Broke over my skull and gave me a hell of a headache but big issue was the 20 pound jagged chunk got my hand and I was bleeding all over the place.

Hand hurts like crazy today. Super sore. 2/10 Would not recommend.


Sorry to hear that. I automatically assumed it had t do with your wood working. Hope they gave you something for the head pain.