Say Something Random 5.5


I will literally become an architect just to do that in every building I design. Every. Single. One.


You guys like my new decal?


It’s simple, not too remarkable, it’s nice. I like it.


It’s honestly a thrill. An older wrestler just won a tournament for the first time, defeating the current Yokozuna(highest rank in sumo) who also happens to be considered the greatest sumo wrestler to ever live. Big upsets, injuries, surprises in sumo.
for those interested.

wish i could find this place, would love to see the other guy’s reflection when I charge his stall


I watched that match. Was pretty cool.


cool eyes


Let’s go dude, can’t wait for the Rams to whoop some ass tomorrow. Big super bowl party tomorrow with the rest of the company, plus a couple others. Looking forward to it.


Totally going to become addicted to this channel now. Sumo Pig avatar? SOLD!


Unfortunately, there’s only a yusho(tournament) every other month I think, and one just finished.


That reminds me of The Mummy movie with Tom Cruise in it O.O
Definitely has the cool eyes >.<


Nice to see someone do drawings here! I thought about posting art but at the time I wasn’t sure if it is appropriate.


If it’s good, it’s appropriate. If it’s not good, it’s still appropriate.


why not, if you do it post it up ^.^


What kind of art is it you do? :>



Lmao 21 savage got arrested by ICE. Turns out he’s british


Ne Op plz nerf!



And now for something completely different


Found it on Reddit :laughing: