Say Something Random 5.5


I would like to watch Sumo wrestling. Personally, I enjoy Bull Riding and Spartan/Strongman/Ninja Warrior stuff as well.


Welcome to the Forums Kizel!! >.<

You remind me about their next IP and now I’m curious as to what it could be o.o
Wonder when we’ll get news on it…

We had snow here but it melted by noon - 3 -
Saddening =.=


You mean “IP” right?


I think I would die of heat stroke. I don’t even like 70. thats hot.


Ah, the sport of my people. I don’t often even consider it a sport so I forget about it. If I wasn’t so tired I’d consider participating.


I once got heat exhaustion sitting in the shade in 40 degree weather. I got used to it later since I was stuck working outside for over a week straight but I was drinking gallons of water and adding salt packets.


Back at the restaurant I worked at, the kitchen would hit 120 at times. I got used to it well enough but I was never happy about it. Super unpleasant. Just have to drink a lot.


Oof that’s bad. I think the peak was like 44 or something for us and one day we had a couple hour walk loaded down with kit cause the leader took a wrong turn that day was only like 35 though so small mercies lol.


I sweat so much I hardly ever had to pee there and I was drinking a ton of water.

I had a 32 ounce cup and I was drinking one every hour or so.


I was drinking about the same a litre every 50-60 mins with a salt packet added. Still pissed like a race horse.

Every once in awhile they’d be like bottle check and have us chug what ever we had left and refill our bottle.


Check out Jason’s All Sumo Channel. american guy who lives in japan, and uploads sumo videos the next day. You can learn a lot just by watching.


I did say IP @w@“
~sweating intensifies~


Guys, it’s wonderful)



At first I wasn’t aware, but my character looks like Rick from Rick & Morty.


Really? I though it looked like Sonic.


Some peeps in a server said he looked like Rick, I wanted him to look kinda like Koichi with the skin and the glasses.


Got bored, did some drawing


Yeah sumo! Back when UHF TV was a thing, I used to catch this late night sumo show. That brings back memories. Maybe I’ll hit up that YouTube channel, thanks!


Which also reminds me, I used to work at a place called SuperVillain Studios, great place. But the men’s room had two toilets with the stalls facing each other. The floor and walls were glossy white tile. So when both stalls were in use, you could see a (mercifully indistinct) glimmer of reflection of the other guy. I was always reminded of the squatting stare down at the start of a sumo match. :laughing:

So, any current or future architects out there, please don’t do that.