Say Something Random 5.5


I’m fine anywhere between about -10 and +40 Celsius, but I’d say my optimum is probably here:


It’s out, Early Access. Played it today at lunch! :ocean: :tropical_fish:


Hey, if TRS posts something about the new IP anytime soon, feel free to hit my line with that @. Thanks, battles.


I’ll only buy it when they add Kraken as a Leviathan
(Or you know whenever I finish the first game)







Must be nice to have so much free time… :roll_eyes:


I bought it literally moments after it went live on the Steam Store.


104 lunches. Easy


I’m happy I got it for free via Epic Games store :stuck_out_tongue:



Click it :point_up_2:


Man, the Superbowl really creeps up on ya when you don’t give a shit about sportsball.


Those people sure did a lot of sports am I right?


Ya know I always kind of hated sports until I got older, but I realized you just kinda have to find the sport you enjoy. Being a weirdo, I found out I actually enjoy weird sports. Weird in the sense that they’re unconventional, at least where I’m from.

I actually really like Sumo wrestling, and strongman. Both things with a lot of tension and build up with a relatively short payoff. “can they lift the thing?” or “who gets pushed out of the dohyo?” Team sports just don’t really do it for me.


Heh heh, I guess most of the people here were from Evolve era. I just registered not long ago in anticipation of their new IP (…and L4D nostalgia in general)

As a non-american… I have never heard people talking about it and sometimes I feel left out from the internet sometimes. Not really a big sports watcher myself, but I find myself lately to enjoy the vibe.


Edit: one of my many forms


I just don’t like team sports. And I really don’t like how people talk about them. The weird over analyzing of the teams and the ability.

Kick boxing is my preferred sport.


Yee. I like 15-20 cause it’s not too hot to wear a sweater if you’re not doing anything active but not too cold that you can’t just nap in a tshirt in the sun.

sepak takraw is also pretty damn neat.


Most of my holidays have been to Southern Italy/France/Greece, and spending two+ weeks in temperatures that never dropped below 30C during the days and regularly hit 40C were some of the most comfortable days of my (granted not very long yet) life.

I don’t do cold. Poor circulation and chilblains means my toes and fingers just outright shutdown once we near freezing temperatures, and just last weak I nearly went out cold (again, pun intended) after cycling to school through sub-zero temps


…You know, you’re right. I can’t believe I’ve been blind all this time. I finally know what I must do…



moderate climate