Say Something Random 5.5




So much more effective than hiding in boat sight.


Shhh you!

At least it’s not train sight.


Man, been here for 4 years now. Time flies :scream:


5 year flashback

I was researching my older alias on these forums and I am hidden back 5 years. (wont say who I was back then)



is this bad… or just right?]

My Soul Sister in New York broke her back and shes been in recovery now for about 6 months and sent her this text.

“Wishing yo the healthiest recovery possible. I wanted to make a back joke to make you laugh buy my spine didn’t hold up”



I had discovered Evolve with the free weekend and got hooked with it. So I’m here since more than 3 years. I guess you were here since the launch of the game, if I’m not wrong.


I found this on the Discord of Chucklefish



I think I got into the game a month or two before the closed Alpha? Or the closed beta, either one. Joined the forums right after, because even if my shity PC at the time could only barely run the game at 10fps at 480p, I knew this was going to be an amazing game :joy:


Random question:

What climate temperature is ideal for you?


I had a heated (pun intended) argument with some folks on discord about this, but for me, between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius is optimal. Anything below 20 is too cold for me, and once we near freezing temperatures my body literally starts shutting down lmao


75f -103f dry heat


-29c right now outside in Illinois. That’s -21f.

I feel like I am living in Dante’s last level of hell, and it’s spirit breaking. Can’t get my house temperature to over 63-65f or about 17c.


Depends. How hot is Hell?


I prefer 20 to 50 Fahrenheit.

You’re insane. That’s 104. Anything above 85 or so is hot.


About 75 F is my preference.


20-30 Celsius as my optimum, pushing up or down depends on my fashion mood. This is from someone from Thailand but been living in the UK for a few years. Dry and slightly windy might be a plus.

I’m impressed to hear someone liking a 40… It goes up like that every April back home and that is no fun.


15-20 C

or below -10 if it’s cold.


‘a lurker emerges’


I personally don’t mind how hot or cold the temperature is (except for anything above 35 celsius), so long as it isn’t too windy. Like the wind makes everything worse.