Say Something Random 5.5


The fact that it worked like a good 60% of the time was pretty hilarious.


FYI for those wanting evolve art books, there are lots of used copies available and at least one new copy


The problem I see here is that it might act as a double-edged sword. We can buy the artbook of Evolve because it’s quality art, but in return the money goes to 2K Games.


No… Did you read my post?

The money would go to book resellers or someone on ebay…


Idk Mountain, looks like a 2K Rep to me


Oh, you… :wraith:


It’s either that, or buy a used 8ish dollar copy on Amazon, or a lot of money for a new one.


Kingdom Hearts 3… 20 years (counting 2 of dev on 1 before march 28th 2002 release)

Remember when all the games would take this long and devs would put time into their product.


I remember when games were made with love and were fun. There was a small little dev group called Turtle Rock that tried that recently. Great game but didn’t go over well because it didn’t follow the braindead formula.




Oh I heard about that studio… TRS… they like work quietly on projects. I wonder what they are up to these days?


I heard its a high school dating simulator.


Oh that would be interesting. So mobile games then?


Nope, AAA PC/Console team coop dating simulator.

That would be the strangest game. lol


lol silly Cpt.


I was imagining you playing as the Evolve characters in a anime high school scenario.

Weird butthole carnivorous plant is an unlockable character.



I really dont understand the Shaggy memes but I enjoy them.


Man, I can’t wait to romance Bucket. I bet the sex scene’s gonna be extra juicy.


I just imagined a sex robot yelling “prepare for Bucket-fall” and now I’m going to hell.