Say Something Random 5.5


It’s save the world (pve mode) that has zombies in it. Cartoonish zombies…but still zombies. That’s why it has the horror tag.


Someone would complain about it. I can hear the rants already about how it’s no fun and too hard to see.


I think it’s a bold endeavor and a rare thing to be able to do…so if you’re up for it and it’s your passion, I’d say do it! I also love the idea of incorporating the pigments with local dirt/flower pulps you can grind into the paint, or however you make the piece.


Did the forum just update to something new again on mobile for everyone else?

The slide menus are now gone and got a visual tweak.

Never mind. It’s back now.


Wanna Sprite Cranberry?


Now this is a movie you just can’t get away with anymore. Pretty funny if you hadn’t seen it before.


Humanity was a mistake


the answer is clear


Just having a normal YT stroll and I guess the algorithm said “Hey, remember that one time you were subscribed to Evolve?”


4 Years ago by the way…


I’ve been waiting in the afterlife for this fight boy, where art thou?


The Next Leap: How A.I. will change the 3D industry - Andrew Price


The Next Leap: How A.I. will change the 3D industry - Andrew Price


Oh, you’re in the after life? So you can easily travel to my house then. Come on over dude.


I have that book it’s great

I love Scottish people twitter this one is old but gold


Just the video’s title reminds me of the days I was able to hide in bushes without being noticed a single time. Like once on Wraith Trap as a Wraith, there’s the forest section of the map and I was getting away from a Griffin and I was desperate not to get caught in the dome. So what I did was to hide in a nearby bush and not move a single muscle. The whole group then stopped dead on the end of my track and were standing right aside me, searching for a couple of seconds, Griffin was even looking at me for a moment without noticing me. Then he plants a detector and leaves the area. I was like “holly shit, I am alive”.

Another one was with the Kraken and its Neptune skin (thanks to the tournaments I won), it was in Broken Hills’ Mines. I had barely evolved to Stage 2 that the whole group of hunters (there was an Abe and an E.M.E.T if I remember correctly) was about to find me. So what I did was to hide in a darker area…except it was in plain sight. They had searched the whole room for one minute, I was not feeling safe AT ALL. Even Abe was flying barely at my face for a moment and he did not notice me a single time. Then they left but E.M.E.T looked back to make sure they investigated everything they could in the room then left for good, it felt like a cartoon. It was to me, my most memorable stealth moment of Evolve, having to hide in the dark in plain sight without getting noticed, that was unreal.


Hiding in plane sight was always great. It was really easy to do as the Behemoth. Just turn your face to a wall and don’t move. lol


I made this after a friend from discord planted this mental image in my head.

I’m afraid of what I made tbh


I would hide in Stage 2 but usually it was to jump scare the Hunters and get a preemptive strike going. I remember one time on Orbital Drill I turned a corner where there was a tall tower. Hunters were on my tail so I quickly scaled a tower. The 3 Hunters went going and going, but one of them stopped dead. I like to think that he knew I was about to attack but knew he had no choice but to be with his team.

Got 3 downs in that ambush, on Med, Support and Assault. Will never forget that.


Won a signed evolve artbook because of a clip of me doing that hahaha


They can’t see you if you can’t see them…