Say Something Random 5.5


I get your reference huehuehue


You’d be surprised where those little buggers pry themselves into. Mine likes to force himself into his waterfall, even though it’s relatively small and he is relatively big


He’s clearly made a big misnake.


Ok, I can’t talk about it but last summer (legal NDA) But I can say I was reset by an accident and I am still in recovery. During this time I apparently applied to turtle rock ( I know i know, but i was mentally not present, didn’t even know i did till i got the rejection reply lol) anyways this year I am going to start my traveling and I have want to post what I am typing on facebook…

'As things unfold this year I have a lot of interesting plans. I am working to establish a travel studio where I can visit places all over, do some painting, researching the paranormal via a specific set of rules and I plan on meeting a bunch of all you this year. While I am bound to Colorado currently, once I am set free it will be time to explore.

I have been thinking of a niche way to dub the studio in the likes of calling it S.O.R. Labs (a wrap for the side to make it professional) Spacial Observation Records LABS. ^.^

The reason i went this direction is I plan on doing a lot of Earth and Sky based discovery. Really I want to explore our country and Canada and visit ghost towns, ufo highways ect… get some wonderful video footage an upload it for video content.

I think it will be fun. Of course the first person I will visit is Tessa Nicole Thomas-Peterson We have a cook off to do (maybe we could donate the food to the local shelter?) that starts off with Green Chili, tequila and good music.

To anyone that may read this I have a question for you. What would you think if I grabbed a common pigment from local areas and create art supplies. With these supplies I would paint/draw/water color and more from these locations…So lets say I find a ghost town called. ‘no name’. Grab some red dirt or flowers ect and make the pigment and paint… Then each video would be accompanied by a piece of artwork about the location with materials from that location.’

So what do you think about my idea about the art? Once I get my technique down for creating the pigment I might be able to sell some of it if people want it. (haunted paints ^.^) and the like. My Social Media work is about to pay off with SpacedOutRadio in the 2019 and once I am no longer bound to stay in Colorado for recovery I am going to go off into the world.

@SledgePainter whatcha think?

(pics are example of my style in acrylic and water color)16832109_1801087793474628_1362481720589433434_n !16832356_1800296893553718_8097840970512508205_n










I’ll fight someone to death for it if a rich man offered that as a price


I’ll fight @BearStream for it. I throw my hat in the ring.


This is gonna be a helluva show.


I eat hats for breakfast


Weird flex but okay.



Jumping out of a flying bus is pretty scary, I suppose.


What is a cranberry?

A lot of people think that cranberries grow under water. Makes sense, since we usually see the berries floating on top of the water. But, what we’re seeing is actually the result of wet harvesting. The bog is flooded with up to 18 inches of water the night before the berries are to be harvested


Cranberries aren’t berries.

Life is a lie.


I can’t believe Evolve got cancelled before we got Bush Goliath.


I wish that was a thing. Some sort of flora/fauna hybrid. Natural camouflage.