Say Something Random 5.5


sneak a free month in then cancel.

they have both sub and dub try out the 1199 package trial. it will remove commercials…


In that case, I have 1 month to binge MHA. I watched KLK in 2 nights. Challenge accepted.


You are welcome ^.^ always happy to help anyone in need of finding something…

p.s. prepaid debits work for hulu as well.


Is it wrong of me to prefer dubs?


Nope, not at all. Just realize that sometimes the entire movie can be a completely different story like Batman Samurai ahem… Batman Ninja…

(found a article if you want to read about it


@Rapterror when you read this, you should know about this by now… ^.^
->Recipe for S.O.S. via urban dictionary.


I crafted this armor from the flesh of the final boss, it’s a very protective armor, but still.

If you (own the game and) want that armor, get ready for the mission “Delta Freya” because it is dark and unsettling for such an innocent game…aaand you’ll get the “Madness” debuff very often.
(Also, there’s Randolph Carter’s hat and glasses to get)


So we have this guest coming on Spaced Out Radio Saturday night and they do not provide any pics except a really lame Indiana Jones and the ark rip off shot. So I had to come up with something for his favored title… A grim messenger. soooo I made this quick splash banner and I think my lil guy there is pretty darn cute.



Did you use a hood from skyrim for that? I think I reconise the paterns on the hood. At first I thought it would be the hood of the Greybeards, turns out it isn’t, but I’m still curious.


I got DA2 aaaages ago still haven’t finished it cause I rage quit after I reached a certain point in the story. One of the characters pissed me right the fuck off. Prior to that I wasn’t a fan of the game and just wanted to get through it.




Removing full post quotes from a year and a half ago jfc.


Maybe you had too many files “stored” on your profile so it’s making space.


If anyones considered getting dragons dogma but was waiting for a sale it’s super cheap on humble bundle right now.

70% off


Blood problems are basically for life. i know.


Actually it was a free clipart that I found and I editied out the robot face, changed it up a little.

Clip _art is almost always copyright free and its a good resource to pull from if you need it.


Where is a our poll king, they should ask if we want the next TRS F2P, or a poll about modify possibilities. Give the public a few tools to play with and watch your game live forever… *cough L4D *cough


Oh ok, I think I had heard of Clip art but only by name.

Off-topic (again): I’ll harrass you over and over and over and over and over and over again to know if you got Starbound yet. My sister have it but never plays it, I managed to play ONCE with Shika but she’s always busy in her private life, I don’t play on servers because I don’t trust players I don’t know (I remember years ago, some players had stolen some my stuff while I had invited them to my ship).


I cant afford games… T . T why are you tormenting me?! ^.^


'cause I’m lone and desperate.