Say Something Random 5.5


They fixed my deviated septum on my last sinus surgery. I hope yours heals faster than mine. They completely broke my nose to fix mine.

Hurt so bad. :frowning:

Just keep your head up when laying down! Hope you get to feeling better!!!



Hope you have a speedy recovery!


Be well soon Madame Wraith >.<




I have a friend I frequently talk to who got his deviated septum fixed, can’t recall the exact date but maybe September or August he got it done last year and still have a bit of blood problems


Mine has finally healed and I had my surgery in October. Still sore if I touch it the right way though.


I just bought Dragon Age: Inquisition for when I finish Dragon Age 2. Funny thing is that I don’t think I’m that close to finishing the game.

God I have a problem…


So Bowsette is a thing.

Seems peach and Bowser blend very nicely by the fans.


You are late to the party.


Better to show up late than early ^.^ actually fan fic like this popped up in the 90’s (BBS SERVERS)


I miss the simplicity of older forums.


I still have my BBS software and the Door game I made. (Rapture: A Mystical Quest)
^.^ I just need to find a software that adapts bbs - webpage access type of thing so i can share my game.

YOU REMEMBER BRE? LORD? and SRE? I still have an active license for LORD.


I’m aware of SRE but not the others.


Guys, plz halp. I’ve been wanting to watch BNHA but the only place to watch it for free seems to be Crunchyroll, and fuck knows I don’t want to deal with a goddamn flash player in 2019. It’s off of Netflix because of fucking course, and I can’t find it on KissAnime, so where’s a good place to watch it?


BRE came before SRE, but i just found out there is a live server of LORD on the web ^.^


full title? is it acedamia? well if you are going to places like kissanime then you obviously have pop up blockers going… so why not crunchy roll… you already have your site and fix on your computer.

Other than that, if you are willing to go to places like kissanime then try i believe and gogoanime. let alone torrent sites.


Yeah, My Hero Academia. The one where Mr. Incredible has 3-meter-long eyebrows.


oh thats on hulu

I am at least looking at season 2 episode 31 in front of me at this moment.


Doesn’t that cost…M O N E Y ? I already have Netflix, I don’t wanna pay for more shit just for a few things.