Say Something Random 5.5


We now also have a small jazz section in our setlist for the play I’m partaking in, including improvising. Given we’re with 6 chaps tops, and I’m on the Tenor Saxophone, that means I’m one of the ‘lucky’ ones to improvise a lot. I have never improvised properly in my life.

Or in other words

Now I must acquire a taste for, freeform jazz


You play Tenor Sax? That’s cool.


Hmm, so my internet is rather trash currently and thigns load slow… I was loading up the main TRS page… and a title appeared for a second. “Keyboard Wars” While this might of been some glitch, it quickly reset to face your fears…
Anyways, what I fun idea for a game… Keyboard wars. (would it be a hacking sim game or.?) anyways… just have fun with that.


Prepare yourself to be destroyed by the cuteness…

(a guy built a little town for wild mice in his garden.)



I am…speechless with the mission I just finished on Starbound. There’s a mission that I managed to aquire with a tome, and it led me to the lab of Vinalisj…except that it was an absolute nightmare (I mean it). I won’t get into the details because there’s PROBABLY some of you who play Starbound and who want to discover the mod Frackin’ Universe by yourself.
Or for those who doesn’t care in being spoiled, here’s a video from someone else doing the mission (I have not taken any screenshot, I had forgotten).


I want this game. it’s your fault.


This is the cutest worm out there…


It’s 14.99€ on the Steam store, go buy it if you’re telling me that you want it, don’t hesitate!
Plus, I’d like to play with peeps from this forum on the game, Shika has it, but she’s always busy.


Yep, though nowhere near on a high level :joy: Currently using my dad’s Buscher from the sixties, but once I’ve got the money for it I’m getting one myself, though a Baritone then. Much prefer those tbh


And here I was thinking the Lion King reboot was gonna suck


You know who I posted this for… don’t lie.
is that a WTF idiot face he’s giving us?


Those are hard af to play tho, just saying. At least for kids. I’m not sure for adults since adults generally have bigger lungs I think. And also more experienced wind musicians can blow harder and more effectively than novice musicians.


I’ve played on one for about half a year. I found it a lot easier to get good sounding notes out of it, and it just played a lot nicer to boot. Only downsides are the weight and size, though the former can be fixed with a good strap/harness.

That said, that fact that my dad’s is nearly 60 years old + a very cheap mouthpiece might explain why it’s such a chore to work with properly. That baritone I used was at most a few years old, and used at least a half decent mouthpiece.


You know what would be awesome? If TRS made a fun simple card game hidden in their new work…

It would be even better if they figured a way to do call backs to their old works or something, heck even forum members.

But just a lil nugget to find and play in the new game… but so obscure that only TRS die hards will uncover it. ^.^


You mean a card game within their next game like the Gwent in The Witcher?
Off-topic: Have you gotten Starbound yet?


I was always a fan of the Final Fantasy 8 card game.




What did you do? Surgery?


Yup. They’ve done some work on the cartilidge inside so that I can breathe properly