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I get the feeling my sarcasm was not detected


I remember back in college when I said I liked to work on transition work and the teacher was baffled and didn’t understand my desire. ahh teachers.


I’m going to fight you in the murder pits Spec.


I don’t play Evolve anymore, how about Tilted Shifty Palms Park?


How about Cavanaugh Park?


@The_Specialist maybe you or someone else can give me some pointers.

While I cant STAND fortnite, I really do like Spell Break. The ideas are almost the exact same minus building structures.

So when it comes to Battle Royal games, what have proven to be better ways to do things.

Personally I like to go to outskirts collect out of place equipment and run back to whatever the circle might be. But when it comes to battle, I just fall short in 3rd person.

@TinyPickles318 gave me a lot of really good info in Destiny 2, but I am more or looking for a loose set of self adhere rules someone should pay attention to.



I used to land outskirts a lot too, and don’t get me wrong it’s okay to do it because the pros and streamers have done the same. But the only reason I stopped is because if I don’t get action early game I won’t be prepared late game and I’ll do horrible.

Aiming in 3rd and 1st Person are the exact same, 3rd Person just gives you the advantage of Peeking. Otherwise the gun is still offset to hit the middle of your screen, if this mental block is still afecting you, try playing some Aim Improving Games

(SpellBreak looks super fun but I’m not sure how the meta or balance is like, and if it’s anything like Fortnite’s balance or balance team, I rather stick to one crappy game at a time lmao)


Spellbreak is more a rock paper scissors game, this gets advanced when you start mixing spells with dragonball like effects… actually, it heavily reminds me of Bid For Power (dbz fan mod for quake3 then turned its own characters after copyrights stuff)

I wonder if that s the same team… it feels a lot like it. and by dbz I mean think supers in the game.

(think of this game as magical weapons you find)

One of the biggest things with me Is I just cant see people on the maps well enough when I aim in 3rd person.

That all aside, you should get in the pre alpha and check it out… the game mechanics are in place and it runs well.


I’m signing up with the “sign up faster” thing, would you like your credit there? (Would need your Discord name + Tag in a PM)


Ok give me a sec


I fought the final boss of Starbound…and I died 3 or 4 times due to my lack of mobility (The ArCon Warden is super heavy) before finishing it. This is the second time that I manage to fight the final boss of the game ever, the first time was in Vanilla and now I had Frackin’ Universe. The boss’s a true HP bag and some of its attacks can one-shot (thanks to my minigun which slowed me down).

Edit: I forgot to show you this vehicle I managed to craft for A GOD DAMN AMOUNT OF RESSOURCES, and its guns are sooo weak, like 10 damage per shot and it doesn’t increase with the damage multiplier from my armor…at least it flies and it’s super fast.

(These images were taken sooner before I had to fight the final boss).


Listening to some motivational music, then this pops up:


Orlando, FL

Florida Man strikes again…


Florida’s not real… it can’t be… can it? o.0


Florida is a myth distributed through the unwary public by MIB agents to keep the masses blind to the real goings on in Arkansas.


I knew It! >.>
They are EvErYwheRE!


Just like how Finland is a Japanese conspiracy


Finland? You mean the country of legends and myths?


bowling ball drops on head FINLAND!