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C) Eat the camel



Source, please?



Ohh man, I hope Dead Meat covers this some day!




mmm i love fruit leather


I wish we got something like this in the actual finale of City on the Edge of Battle. This whole fight was based on concept art and descriptions by the filmmakers themselves on what anime Mechagodzilla could do but they never went through with actually having Mechagodzilla itself fight Godzilla Earth, likely due to budgetary restrictions.



the RLM boys just covered this movie. It’s wild.



Am I the only one that finds horror movies from the 80’s or 70’s scarier than those released nowadays?

It all has to be so realistic that it just doesn’t get to me anymore cause ‘I know’ it’s not real.

But the animatronics back then, the fact that it was the opposite, so surreal, that really gives me the chill. It speaks to the imagination. I’m sure that’s why movies such as Gremlins, The Thing, Nightmare on Elm Street became so succesful.

Such a shame Hollywood isn’t willing to take such risks anymore.


Modern horror movies rely too heavily on tropes and because they are so over used it aint scary at all.


Why is this man doing the boneless emote from Fortnite?


Is that what that is? Thats way older than Fortnite.

I used to do that as a kid (I’m 30) and I knew others as well that did too.


There’s still recent movies that are scary, but I don’t watch a lot of horror movies. The movie “It” from last year for example, got my heart pumping for a good while, even if I too am used to watch horror games on youtube. I even played Resident Evil 7 from one of my parents’ friend on VR, and did not get scared a single time.
A game that managed to scare me however was Welcome to the Game, both the 1 and the 2.



Mashed had the video, I made the meme.